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Help, Lost an Item in the AH

So, my situation goes like this. Basically I was trying to sell Zunimassas Pox on the gold AH, I have been noticing lag in the area of the AH log screen and the items that one can sell but I still pushed to sell. My item was added for a day and a half and then it said that the item expired withough going directly to the return to stash screen, so I canceled it but to my surprise it took like a minute return to the completed screen. As soon as I got it back I posted it again with a lower price to try and sell it, but today I came across that my item is not selling, nor sold. Its not even cancelled, It's like the action Vanished. Please Blizzard, check my account log so I can recover that item, it has some value and was the only thing I've been selling for weeks...

If anyone has had the same issue please post it here as well.

I'm sorry if I posted this on the wrong side of the forum, this is my first formal complain in the game that I cant directly contact blizzard...
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I had 2 items dissapear on me, I sent a ticket to support stating that I lost an item in the AH.

here is the reply i got:

My name is Heather with Account and Technical Services, and I was able to read about your recent auction item disappearing from your inventory. I am sorry to hear this happened.

We are currently looking into an issue where the items are no longer showing up in either the completed or auction list. We hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible and return items that did not sell back to the account.

If you have any further questions or need more assistance, you are welcome to reply to this ticket. Please keep in mind that the response may come from another representative.

I guess they know about it. I'm surprise it has not happened to alot of people. Maybe they are off playing POE.
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Yeah I've been playing POE too, That's why I have not payed much attention to my AH in Diablo 3. Thx for the information! I guess I'll have too wait...
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Welcome to the club...I am waiting on my Mempo to come back 4 days now...., Blizz said gl and hope you find another one
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It happened to me when i canceled 3 andariel visage pretty quick from rmah. 1 dissapeared in the process, but after some time it appearead. There is still hope :)
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I lost my EF yesterday.

This is outrageous because its Blizzard who said not to trade pvp, rather use the AH.
If gold is considered an actual currency then is this not an issue that needs to e resolved? My bank pretty much lost my money and said hopefully it will come back??
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People are also losing bids of 10s of millions in gold. Many have been missing the gold for four+ days.

Go read the "Bug Forum." The question is why wasn't the AH shutdown last week?!
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