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constructive advice please

I need some advice. I want to know how to improve my character.... Everything I look at is 30mil or more and only increases my damage by about 1k or so unless I look at some godly gear. I have 20mil at this time. So should I wait for 1.0.7 to make some gear? Is there a piece of gear that I should upgrade now and if so what should I look for? Should I save my gold for now and get a high gold item like a crit mempo? Should I even be worrying about keeping the pieces of IK set I have now? Or just keep it to the two piece set bonus?
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The first thing I see is that you need to get your vitality up. It really has to be at a minimum of 40k. One way barbs gain fury is by taking damage, and if you can't take a hit then you're not going to do so well.
The second thing is that your weapons aren't as great as they appear, and it's really hard to decide which one I think should go first. While my choice hands down would be to drop the echoing fury first, it will appear to bring down your dps and it will freak you out. The truth is that, with the fear chance that high (optimal is 11.5% tops) you're not doing the damage you think you are. Chasing = not hitting. Then there's the fact that it has no socket.

Your other mace has lifesteal, but the weapon speed is way too low, and that's one thing that's hurting your damage. Echoing fury and another weapon (axe if you want it mainhand, sword if offhand is fine) is a good way to go, just not the EF you're using now.

One thing that would help both your armor (which is too low) and your damage is to get your strength up, and it's inexpensive compared to the other hurdles you're facing right now, because you can just craft upgrades for the gems in your chest.

I hope this helps.

edit: I almost forgot the most important thing I think you should know. Drop instigation from bash and switch to clobber..35% stun chance! Stunning = NOT chasing = HITTING!
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Leave the overpriced Vile Wards for now - get a rare shoulders with 180+ Str and 130+ Vit and that will increase your survivability.
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Thanks for the advice. So should I look for a axe with a socket and LS in what damage range? Which one should I replace first? The mace? I agree with upgrading the gems in my chest, if my vitality is low, should I replace a couple of those gems with purple gems? You are right, I have tried many times to replace the EF but always see a damage loss, I guess because of the aps boost it gives?
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Check the damage difference on www.d3rawr.com/d if you haven't been doing so already. If you're going solely by the in game (paper) DPS then you need to stop.

For more information on why go to:

Double Tornado budget build and gear reference by PhatPhoEater:

In fact you should be checking all of your upgrades via d3rawr.
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Really? U really need that 5 IK set? You just set your own limitation, if u need to talk just add me
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Hellfire is free... You need something with at least IAS or Crit chance coupled with crit damage or average damage.

Also there must be something for your main hand that's not a Hammer... Hammer are just so darn slow?
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