Diablo® III

AZN!! Uber Mp 10 Super fast 5mil (OFFLINE)

I would like a 5 mill run please. I'm online now.
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5 Blood Elf Mage
MrnCBaker#1664 whats your btag please inv ill pay
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My battletag is on the first page.

Taking more services now.
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Just finished another super fast run.

Bump for 1 more then call it a night.
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Back online now, ready for some super fast uber.

Bump for services.
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Another great and super fast run.

Bump for more.
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Heard about you through a friend, I had been looking for a good ubers carry for a few days to upgrade a pretty terrible Hellfire ring. I asked him about it tonight. He said you were online, you told him you would have time in 10 minutes. 90 minutes later I am still sitting here and this is where I shall leave this msg.

When you say 10 minutes at 1am it should probably be 10 minutes man. You weren't afk either, he watched you go in and out of A3 a few times. Pretty unprofessional to just ignore.
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Out of 4 experiences with this guy only one has been good. The first time he took me on a run we finished seconds before the stacks ran out after 2 hours of dealin with some other bs because he couldn't finish off the boss. Isn't the whole point that this is supposed to be quick and easy?

The second time we ran there were no machines, so that was another 2 hour run that should have taken 10 minutes.

The third time actually went smoothly.

Tonight this guy tells me he'll take me later so I wait for a while and then he says 10 minutes. here I am 90 minutes after that 10 minute message with nothing. I've given this guy 15m of my gold and he cant even dignify me with a response for 90 minutes!!!? Are you kidding me? No response for 90 minutes while he's at his keyboard. If he was AFK itd be different, but he wasn't. He made me look like an A HOLE to my friend and he wasted my entire night.

Before tonight I would have given this guy a positive review, but he will treat u like crap even though he is getting your gold and all the legendaries since he makes you sit in the menus while he kills the bosses. Don't waste your gold on someone who doesn't appreciate it.
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You guys really really don't know what happens to him. He was at work all day today then he came on Diablo 3 something happen to our family, so that's why he didn't help you when your run when he said 10 minutes. Our mom got heart problems, so Azn had to take her to the hospital that time. So I was playing on his account while he took my mom to the hospital. I saw you guys message but I didn't respond because I don't know much about you guys and azn was not here. So I just ignore and log off. You guys should understand game is not the most important and I know what Azn did was right. He care for the family more than this game.
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Trung if that is true all you needed to do is respond and say that. "You didn't know us" ?! So you cant type a response? Sorry I find this hard to believe.
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Finally back.

Bumping for more services.
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Bump again for another great and fast run.
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Another great run.

Bump again.
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Why would people pay for a run with their machines if someone else does it for free ?
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Thanks for the great run
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Well for fast run and guarantee. Some free run may not success and end up wasting machines.

Ty gohan, Bump again for super fast services.
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Bumping again for another run.
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Good stuff from Azn, very helpful and fast!
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Back Online Now.

Bumping for super fast services.
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Bump again. Just finished another great run.
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