This post is about the mothership. . .

You can't post in the SC 2 forum unless you buy SC 2 even if your account has D3 and WoW. That is ridiculous so I will haft to just make a post here,

I have overlooked SC 2 for a long time and I randomly watch this video last night, it is a video of the original Protoss mothership and it is ****ing sick.

I go to bed after watching it thinking about how much I cannot wait to buy SC 2 today. I get on the offical site to read about all the units in the game and find that the mothership has been completey changed. So I research only to find that they nerf SC 2 just like they do with WoW because it is a competitive game (not that I did not know this already). I was not looking at SC 2 to play that competitively more then just have fun.

So I did & continue to do research to find out if in Time Warp, Planet Cracker and Blackhole is completey out of the game including the SC 2 Map Editor. I can not come up with any answers, if you can play a unbalanced SC 2 game even against the CPU on higher difficulties for me that would be worth a purchase.

My thing is, if they did what they did with the mothership, the game has been out for awhile who knows how many other things they have nerfed & taken out of the game entirely.

That video alone has probably sold thousands of copies, it's like I did not know a RTS could be ****ed with as much as a mmo, serously.
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