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Can someone suggest me a good MMORPG f2p?

Pretty please. Advertise here. Any genre.
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hmmm.. let see.

Guild Wars, like diablo you bought the game but no subscription. Very good if you can join a good guild, preferably WvW oriented equipped with teamspeak. The only problem i got with this game is, it's too immersive. I played for 2 months, like everyday 12+ hours per day, letting my real life go down the hill.

Dragon nest, good no clunky ARPG, the microtransaction is very heavy on Pay to Win though.

SWTOR, it's gone F2P. It's a great game, but there's simple too many handicap playing it as F2P compared to the subscription.

Upcoming F2P, that might interest you (I have not tried it)

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hmmm... ill try guild wars. thanks
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Hi Squeal, can you elaborate more on SWTOR? Thanks!
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SWTOR : Star wars : The old Republic, It's a good game, with the best storyline in MMORPG. It started as a subscription games 15$/months. Recently it offer F2P option, you can download the game and play it just like other F2P games. however, there will be lots of limitation. example you can only have 2 characters, limited skill, limited GUI, limited ingame currency, limited quest etc.

For some reason, the feeling i got when playing SWTOR is the team that make it are expert making an great Single player games, but they only managed to make a good MMORPG.
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SWTOR is kinda limited if you ask me. it feels more like a trial rather than F2p and pay to extend.
dragon nest is pretty sick, c9 is more dynasty warriors kinda imo. vindictus a bit clunky but skill-based(as in with your actual timing and ability to see boss patterns), path of exile ARPG diablo2-esque game, TERA(looks like c9 but in an open world rather than dungeon crawl), rusty hearts sidescroller 3d that looks nice.
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@ Squeal: Thanks so much for the info.

@ KradisZ: Im curious about rusty hearts. Can you elaborate more? I like side scrolling. I remembered my maple story and dragonica days.
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I'd also recommend GW2. End-game never really interests me, but the leveling was lots of fun for a person like me that likes exploring areas. Lots of neat stuff to stumble across. I've also taken breaks from it and come back without feeling like my break really hurt me aside from forgetting key bindings and such. They do interesting seasonal events and whatnot.

Can't chime in on the other f2p MMOs as none of them really held my attention more than a week.
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Lord of the Rings Online also has a F2P version.

It's a good MMO, with plenty of content and even a way to earn ingame Turbine Points that'll allow you to bypass some of the F2P restrictions. You can also purchase TPs and use them to add content.

Just be ready to be bombarded with offers to visit Turbine's cash shop.
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I like EQ2, Vanguard, GW2, and LotRO. All have their good points. I placed them in approximate order of how much I like them, though.
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star trek online best one
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You can try Drakensang, it's f2p but also pay to win, albeit if you don't buy it is challenging. However pvp is another story then.
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RaiderZ seems interesting, vinidictus, and c9 continental of the ninth seal I think it is
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Marvel Heroes is coming out in the spring and it is f2p and it is made by David Brevik as well.
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