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What is best bear build to go with my gear

Trying to figure out, I have upgraded from a loh rain of toads.
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bump pls
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Buy a Zuni chest, then we'll help figure out where to go. ;)
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You dont need a zuni chest, the build I use you dont need the zuni chest.


What you do is this:
Spam bears till you are almost out of mana and then use jaunt to gain more mana faster and once your jaunt is finished use sacrifice for an instant fill of mana just be sure to summon your dogs back asap so you can do it again if you need to. Grave injustice helps speed up your jaunt and zdogs so you can use them again. Health globes will also help fill your mana with this build so a decent pick up radius is a must. I was able to spam bears non stop till azmodan was dead in a party of 4 with this build. Takes some getting used to but once you know it, should be easy to keep your mana full.
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for bear build u need zuni set 4 pieces since u need a lot of mana regen i would recommend to go for chest ring boots and 2nd hand..... and helm go for that visage of guyava... will give u a lot of mana regen so u dont run out of mana otherwise ur dps will be a fake, check out my built i dont run out of mana if i use sacrifice. U also need slow weapon class this wont drain ur mana that quick. 1.2 attack per second weapons are fine.
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got one, would love the advice :P
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Alright. You should find that the chest helps immensely with mana, especially with Bears. FriskyDingo is right in that it's is perfectly possible to have a solid build without the Zuni bonus, but further down the track, you'll find the extra mana regen opens up builds for you that weren't possible before.

Make no mistake - ALL of your gear needs upgrading, especially pants and belt. But most of all, jewellery. That ammy and ring are depriving you of some solid dps. Esp that ring. Feel free to add in game, I can help with the AH, or may even have something in my stash.

Your build as it stands is fine - you are pretty much making the most of your gear. I would change the SW rune though - the healing doesn't seem necessary with the LoH/Toads thing. Honored Guest would be my choice, Jaunt a strong contender.

So the question is, what are you trying to achieve? Higher MP? Uber runs? Faster farming?

edit: Yeah, hit us up in game. Got some stuff in the box you can have.
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@Manvan how is your weapon working out . I have some belt and source freeze just wonder if it might be worth going full out with the weapon..
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Azurewrath is OP with Toads/Rain.

Look, the thing is crap, make no mistake. But it's great fun for public games and low mp. Have done MP10 Ubers with it in a group - turns you into FreezeWiz, but dps is terrible. Run with some geared Monks and DH, and it turns you into best support role ever. Have a baller spear, mace and EF for 'serious' play, but Azurewrath is great for messing around with.
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Thanks for the help manvan!!

As for weapon can some suggest what kind of upgrade I should be looking for?
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