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AH bug. How long have u waited?Updated.

I realize most AH bugs get reimbursed within a couple hours(1-9) at least that's been my experience. Usually I don't bother posting about them but I am at 24 hours now and haven't had it take this long before. Was wondering how long you guys are waiting for your gold/item so far?

UPDATE: after 72 hours of waiting per instructions, here is my ticket responses for the rest of you guys to read.

My original ticket:
ON 1/31/2013 at approximately 915 pm EST, I was bidding on an item ( rare belt) on the gold auction house. I bid 17.5 million and hit submit and received the error message listed above. However the auction house kept the 17.5 million gold. I hit the bid button again just before time expired on the same item and received the message bid accepted. I never received the item when time expired nor either bid amounts back. The total gold I had bid was 32.5 million. 10 hours have no past and I still have not received the item nor any of the gold back. There is NO transaction record of this error. Could you please help.

2/1/2013 7:05 AM

Customer Service Representative
Greetings ,

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment, my name is John and I will be assisting with your issue today. I see that you are having issues with an item in the gold auction house and need some assistance.

Blizzard is currently investigating issues related to missing items or gold in the auction house. We realize this is an inconvenience and as part of our process improvement request you post on the forums, to better gauge the extent of the issue. After reviewing your particular issue I found the auction failed. In which case your gold will be returned. Please wait at least 72 hours before contacting Blizzard about missing auction items/Gold..
If you need further assistance please respond to this ticket or open a new ticket. My personal goal is to provide you with the best customer service experience possible.

Account & Technical Services Rep ( Glymbil)
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
www.blizzard.com/support <http://www.blizzard.com/support>

Have a great day and an EPIC gaming experience !!!

2/1/2013 10:49 AM
Per your suggestion and the forum moderators, I have waited the 72 hour period for my 32.5 million gold to be returned and have not received it. I am requesting this issue be escalated up to the appropriate department for resolution.
Thank you

2 hours ago

Customer Service Representative

We can do this however we do need a bit more information if you can reply back with the following information.

What is the name of the item you were bidding on?
What is the Auction ID for the transaction, the transaction should show in your list if you hover over the item?

Thank you again for contacting us! Take care, and best of luck to you in everything you do.

Account & Technical Services Rep Amanda C.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

The item name I do not have because the item never showed up in the transaction list.
The auction ID I do not have because there is no record of it in my transactions either.
Here is what I can tell you:
1. The auction took place around 915 pm EST on January 31st.
2. The item was a rare (yellow belt) that had dexterity above 180, vitality above 180, resistance to all, and physical resist.
3. I bid 17.5 million and received the message "Due to heavy system load your transaction could not be processed. I tried to bid again this time with 15 million and it said bid accepted then time expired. I spent a total of 32.5 million and received no items , no transaction record, and no gold back.
The previous CS rep (John A)said he was able to find my transaction with the information I have listed. I hope this helps.

Customer Service Representative
Thanks for contacting us regarding your Auction House issue.
Blizzard customer support does not have the ability to adjust, modify, or alter any items or commodities purchased within the gold or Real Money Auction House in Diablo 3.
If your auction is having an issue granting you the gold, item, or money, please allow 5-10 days to pass after the auction has ended as there can be a delay in the return of goods.
After that time has passed, and the issue is still unresolved, please post to the Diablo 3 bug report forums for further assistance.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

I was directed HERE by the very forum moderators YOU are telling me to post in. The CS rep above you posted she was going to pass this up to the appropriate department to handle this since it has been 72 hours. Inslebdrus did you not READ the post above by the previous CS rep? I am getting very frustrated and tired of getting different answers from the same department and both sides (the forum moderators and the CS reps) pointing me to each other. I request my issue be escalated to the appropriate department.

Customer Service Representative

Hey there,
Thanks so much for taking the time to contact me today! I wish I was able to chat with you directly about your issue, but I wanted to let you know that I have read and reviewed your petition regarding your recent Auction House issues.
If there was an error with your Auction Posting and the item was not posted there can be a small delay between an auction errors and it being delivered back to you; please allow up to 48 hours to 5 days for items to be returned your Completed auctions tab. If you have questions, please review our article on Auction House Functionality here: <http://us.battle.net/support/article/diablo-iii-auction-house-functionality>.
I am afraid to say that Customer Support cannot assist with Auction House issues where an item is lost or mistakenly purchased. If you come across an issue where it is not delivered within 24-48 hours, please head over to our Bug Report forums at <http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/5386229/> to let our team know so they can look into it and get these possible bugs fixed!
I wish you the best of luck in Sanctuary and really appreciate your feedback and report. I truly hope that we are able to get that issue hammered out before you run into it again.
If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to let us know by placing a ticket through https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit!

Game Master Eolonya
Blizzard Entertainment

Thank you for your response Eolonya, and I wish I could speak directly to you as well.
However, I am confused as to one major point,
You have directed me back to the very forums where those very moderators say I need to post and resubmit my ticket to you. I have been made a ping pong ball where both sides are telling me the exact same thing as follows:
1.We can do nothing.
2. We are not responsible.
3.Wait more.
4. Go tell someone else about your issues. We do not wish to hear about them again.

My only solution at this point is to continue to inform both the forums and the ticket process of my continuing issues. I consider this issue open and unresolved. I only ask one question. If no one in the forums and no one that is a customer service rep can help anyone with these issues then who can? And if the answer is nobody can help then my next answer is what is the purpose of your jobs and why do they exist at Blizzard/Activision?

Game Master Heimturalgnu here with Blizzard Account and Technical Services.
I understand your frustration and confusion here and I am sorry we cannot do more to help.
As customer support representatives, we do not have the means to modify, manipulate or touch auctions in any way.
Currently there are delays with the auction house that can take up to 5 days for items/gold/proceeds to be delivered.
We customer support reps have no way of making that go any faster.

Looking in from the outside, it may seem like we are not doing anything for you, but the D3 auction house is only a VERY small part of what we support here as customer support reps, and the support that we are able to provide is limited.

We are just people like yourself doing our best to help with the tools that we have at our disposal and if there was more that we could do, we would be happy to.
Once 5 days has passed, if you have still not received the funds, then please reply to us here and let us know.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this ticket. If you have any separate issues that you need help with, please navigate to the Support section of your battle.net account, and either open a new ticket with us, or create a live web chat ticket using our newly released live chat support, and we will do our best to help you. Here’s a link to our support site: <https://us.battle.net/support/en/>

Game Master Heimturalgnu
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

Thank you for your response CS Heimturalgnu.

I understand you are unable to help with any type of auction bugs in any way and your are doing the best you possibly can with what you are allowed to do. I thank you for your suggestion for me to wait several more days until 5 days have passed. You have directed me to reply back to this post in 5 days if nothing has been fixed.
My question to you is simply this. If you can do nothing to help with anything related to auction house issues, why then would I be asked to reply back to this ticket and your department if you can do nothing to help me?

Also may I submit a suggestion for your department? There seems to be a massive miscommunication between your CS department and forum moderators. They are directing us HERE to post to your department after 72 hours. When I say us I am speaking of the untold number of players that have been affected by this same auction house bug. We don't know where to turn for help and apparently no one does.

My name is Danielle, and I'll be the one helping you out from here on out. I see that you're still waiting for your proceeds from completed auctions - You did the right thing by contacting us, I can definitely help out with this!

I hear what you're saying - I did go ahead and mention to my supervisor the fact that community support on the forums is mentioning a time frame of 72 hours, when it should be 5 days. That should hopefully be fixed shortly.

The reason why we ask you to reply back after 5 days, is that at that point the auction can no longer possibly still be processing. We have an internal team that deals with these issues, and once we know for a fact the auction is out of processing time, we can send the issue to them for further investigation!

In any of these issues so far, however, I have yet to see one that took longer than 5 days to get all proceeds to the appropriate parties. :)

I know that's not necessarily the news you want to hear, but give it a few more days at least. :)

If there's ever anything else we can help out with in the future, please just let us know!

Thank you again, may all your hits be crits and your rolls be hundreds!
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I'm going on 48HRS.... -_-'
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roughly past 24 hours and lost 80m gold and a lot of patience.
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48 hours? ouch. Man that really sucks. Well hope you guys get it soon. I'm past 24 hours now. I'll update tomorrow if there is any resolution. Hope Blizzard gets it together soon or I may have to avoid the AH for a couple weeks.
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Also missing gold or item if I won it, I don't even know anymore. Basically I'm not playing until its resolved.
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same thing happened to me last night... although it's only 8million i lost for my bidding
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sigh. 34 hours and still counting.
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48 hours and still waiting too.. :(
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54 hours now. :(
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over 48 hours for me now. This has become ridiculous.
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100 Human Hunter
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I have waited around 55 hours since the auction closed. No gold, no item, no SATISFACTORY answer from Blizz. They should have a F team working on fixing it 24/7 till its fixed. This is wrong. Customer hard work, time and enjoyment are on the line and i get the feeling they barely care.
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I realize most AH bugs get reimbursed within a couple hours(1-9) at least that's been my experience. Usually I don't bother posting about them but I am at 24 hours now and haven't had it take this long before. Was wondering how long you guys are waiting for your gold/item so far?

Also I was directed by CS to post my bug here today since apparently the auction I was bidding on completely failed. I was bidding last night around 9pm est and bid 17.5 and got the dreaded "due to heavy system load"... So I did the least smart thing I could have done and hit bid again which put in 15 million this time.
So yeah, 32.5 million. No item or gold. CS rep replied that the auction had failed whatever that means.

Anyone at more than 24 hours so far?


Did the exact same thing as you except about 5 hours earlier so going on 30 hours now. I bid ~23 million in the last minute of the auction. No notification of winning item OR gold returned. CS rep said post here.

COME ON Blizzard tell us we are screwed or something!
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900M + 300M in items lost. Listed them on 1.27.2013, Auction expired....items....gone.
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come on, the BLUES,48 hours gone,no item or money back, are you sure it's Normal conditions,i dun think so.
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I lost my item cost 30M 2 days before,and I cannot get it back until now........
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Posts: 43
3 days now
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More than four days and counting. Not that much money but it's still seriously annoying.
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just lost 80 million. sigh..
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almost 4 days...120 million on the line..if i dont get my items /gold i will call it a day...
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60 hours now. This isn't the normal issue. What scares me is the blues silence right now. It is like they are being told by someone make sure and make no comments. If your hearing us Blizzard you need to realize your reputation is at stake.
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