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AH bug. How long have u waited?Updated.

Thanks for the update Thorgrimn, saved me alot of back and forth, just going to wait until after the 5th day, I'm on day #4 and I get a sinking feeling this wont turn out well.
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4 days for me. Item still stuck at "expired"
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Most welcome Fiven.

I plan to make a phone call today and try and escalate this issue.
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Got off the phone with CS. Basically they keep saying there is no possible way to reimburse items or gold from their end. However, the one CS rep did mention he was able to see the item I had bid on and it was still awaiting to be processed. He said it may take another couple days but there was no way to be sure.
Now for the bad news. He also said he is not sure what the other CS rep is talking about when I mentioned I wanted an escalation or when I asked to speak to the internal team that handles these issues after 5 days. He did not see any record of my first bid of 17.5 million. Also remember that we have been told after 5 days the transaction will "drop" out of the system. This hints at these transactions becoming lost after 5 days with no recourse to get them back. I hope that is not the case.
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70 hours here.
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I did bring up an interesting point the last call I made today to CS. I asked why is it that in WoW, if we are hacked, the guild is hacked, the character is deleted , etc. that there has always been a way to get those items back through talking with CS. I was told that in WoW it operates differently and only forum moderators are able to restore lost items or gold. Now I have read a lot on these forums and I do not ever remember hearing about a moderator being able to replace lost items/gold from a bug. I have come to the conclusion that Blizzard has purposely made it to where no one can actually restore lost items/gold whether it is a game bug or not.
The only thing all these moderators and CS reps can agree upon is for us all to do the following:
Wait more and sorry but there is nothing we can do and it is not our responsibility. It makes me wonder if all these Blizzard employees work for the federal government on the side.
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Got my Item/Bid Refund!!

Took right at 4 days I believe.

So maybe everything is backed up and delayed.

There is hope, peeps!!
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5 Days without receiving my 50USD for an auction of Witching Hour

Today another missing Witching Hour in RMAH

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Thanks for the update blhotz and gratz. Sorry to hear about yours zzc.:(
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just got my item as well and the overbid amount of 2.5million! Very happy about that. Still missing 15million from the 2nd bid though. I may have to eat that I am guessing. I will never bid on an item again until they fix these issues. However I have had zero issues with buying out items so I will stick with that method when dealing with the auction house for now.
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UPDATE: 2/4/13...i finally got my item. bug happened on 1/29... so it took 5 days to resolve. :(
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i lost an item too, i cancelled my own item for bid, it never returned. it happened feb 3, still no feed back
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Just won a bid for Nats reflection and item didn't show up on history nor have i received it.
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Received my Item as well today! Took 4 days, from what Ive noticed just reading many many threads about this problem is that the CM Danielle needs to have her response stickied to the top of either the Bugged section or Tech support section as her advice was spot on and would stop alot of this ping ponging between various Blizzard CM teams,

"The reason why we ask you to reply back after 5 days, is that at that point the auction can no longer possibly still be processing. We have an internal team that deals with these issues, and once we know for a fact the auction is out of processing time, we can send the issue to them for further investigation! " This is all I needed to see to understand what I needed to do, not 9 hrs not 72hrs, Its 5 days because it will no longer be possible to process.
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7 days and my item and gold showed up
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why is the AH still open when they see so many issue, lost a 5mil 5 min ago and started reading this post. What are they waiting for?
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My first item was finally returned after 5 days and the 2nd item ive had stuck in there system for over 2 months now and after about 20 resend of my ticket i havent heard a single thing about what they gonna do about it. Its basically the same response over and over that they have sent it to their tech team. Would be nice if they actually did some work there.
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Just happened to me, auction ended with me being the winning bidder, the item and/or gold has vanished. Nothing in the transaction log either. 13 million gold poof!
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FWIW, the item I sold 4 days ago in the gold AH finally resolved and my gold showed up today. So for me it took right at 4 days, and they are saying it can take up to five days.

What is not resolved is I still have numerous items I found farming act 3 that the AH will not post. Initially I had stated elsewhere the problem was confined to legendaries, but I have since found a couple of "rare" items that the gold AH won't accept. I can discern no pattern how those items might differ from items the AH readily accepts and posts.
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I just won a bid on the AH for a pair of depth diggers. It had 80 resist all 200 int. and 2 sockets. I bid 8 million the last 30 seconds and remained the winner at 5500000 <somewhere close to that. My item, and the remaining gold from my 8 million disappeared.
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