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Where to go up from?

At this point with my WD I'm not really sure where to upgrade. I'm at 120k DPS, 220 fully buffed. With my current run I can kill pretty fast, but I know I can do more. I like my current build, Bears always feels like it's keeping me still too long and I end up getting smacked. I've got some ideas as to where I could move my items, but I'm lost as to what's the best way forward. I think my best bet is to get a better Zuni's helm, but I'd lose attack speed from my mempo. Here's a link to other options I have, and if there's any other information that would help just let me know. Thanks in advance!

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You're close to the same spot I'm at. There's a TON of stuff we can do to get better..

Where I see you're lacking the most is EHP. You have about 200 more All Res then me, but 10k less life and 500 less armor. I'm also doing a bit more DPS then you if you take off PtV. Unless your numbers haven't reflected the items you've swapped out for, like Mempo.

But if I were you, since it looks like you love AC & RoT. I'd go for Blackthorns pants with high INT & VIT rolls with 2 OS's. That will give you more LoH and wayyyy more HP. Get a better OH as well. That's the FIRST thing I'd upgrade if I were you. I might have one for you... Depends if it sold or not...

Get a better OH first, then look into spending some good gold on Blackthorns Pants. Myself, I'm looking for a sweet Witching Hour to put me over 100k DPS. But I can't lose any EHP.. Maybe a little. But my EHP is pretty low as it is.
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Better mojo (Move away from TOTD or find one with better average damage)
Better dagger(more CD)
Zuni helm with CD>mempo with IAS but since you are an AC user I'd solve this problem and the mojo problem by getting a Vision of Giyua with AC CC+CC and String of skulls with Spirit barrage.
If you are using AC i'd also suggest freeze on belt and stun on hands.
Get lacuni with CC and as the guy above me said Jousting mail.
Drop PtV for blood ritual.

(basically you can look at my profile for a general idea of the direction you should be heading with that kind of skill set up)
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I agree with a lot that has been said here. One thing that really stood put to me was the lack of CC on your amulet. Tals are good amulets due to the high int vit rolls they recieve but unless you get CC i dont think they are very good. They are limited by a max CD roll of 65 and unless you use a black damage weapon the percent to elemental damage is pretty lackluster in comapred to CC/CD. Getting an amulet with nice int/vit, 7 CC and 60plus CD really isnt that expensive and would boost dps pretty significantly. As for survival, your all res is right where it needs to be but your hp is low. An easy way to fix this would be your chest piece as 200vit zuni marrow's can be had for around 20 million nowadays. Thats 150 vit, which is what, 6k life? Vile wards with over 200 int and at least some vit are around 20 mil now. And lastly, as mentioned above your pants have great res and dps but pants can roll 300vit and bthornes can roll 400. A nice yellow pair of pants with 65+ all res and 200+vit with decent int and 2 sockets can be had pretty cheap and would boost hp significantly by only sacraficing around 100int.

In order that I would buy upgrades it would be

Ammy with CC
Chest with 200vit
Pants with good vit/ar
Mojo for DPS( as bob mentioned above a SoS is ideal to get a crit visage, but serpents a much cheaper)
Viles with 225+int and some vit
Then you can save for that amazing weapon you want, but of course this is incredibly expensive.
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Have had trouble logging in lately, thanks so much for the replies!
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So I've gotten a new amulet with CC, a Zuni Marrow with Vit, a Zuni's Vision to complete my 4set and some offhands. My only issue now is letting go of the 20 pickup radius from TotT.

As for the weapon, well...that's gonna be a while.
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