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Oh great and mighty Jimbob

Please help me be better :(

jks, great to see all the help you give everyone in this forum, good job!
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Ask and you shall receive !
Thanks for the appreciation *^.^*

I'd actually get zuni feet with a bit of armor and vit with 8 poison damage that would solve 2 problems while boosting dps. Have you tried GF instead of SA when you are running VQ? Definitely need more CC though . Pox and gloves are a good place to start.

Other then that you're looking like you are on the right track.

-Great and Mighty Jimbob.
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OP.. I'm not sure if your stats reflect your gear... As of right now when I look at your profile it says 69k DPS and 25k HP. Maybe it just hasn't updated to the right numbers yet? If it has updated and those numbers are right, I'd look into getting a lot more HP and worrying about DPS once you get that EHP up.

I would give this build a run though..


IMO. It's our most diverse build. It has amazing burst dps, solid mana return and great OH ISH skills.
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@SunTzu, Hey mate, yeah not sure why its showing those numbers. Im running a spiderbears build at the moment 13k DPS 47k HP. I am actually having some trouble with spell reflect in MP5+ though.
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Yeah not sure how you'd go about fixing that without acid cloud its just so helpful for sustaining HP during reflect , maybe horrify instead of hedge magic or swap jaunt to the healing one. Also I wish there was just a dedicated thread to "HELP ME WITH MY GEAR" instead of everyone posting individual threads about it. What is funny though is 90% of the time, the advice is the same.
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After you told me how to fix my !@#$ everytime i see a "help me with my gear" post i know its got Jimbob in there telling them to get moar CC on gear haha.

I agree with the AC too, my old build was mainly AC but i thought i would try spiderbears for %^-*s and gigs.
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79+Mana Regen
50,000 +Life
700+All Resist
45% Crit Chance
400% Crit Damage
2.5%+ Life Steal and or 1000+Life on Hit
Should be the guideline for most WD past MP6. Hope most WD read this will probably save a lot more of the `what should I upgrade` posts
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