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prepare for SNS to be history tomorrow

Yeah I didn't notice if monsters were chilled or not, so I'm not sure if it works.
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Yeah, it's a great choice for solo play. Though, in the ideal situation of 1:1 LL to Meteor ratio, you're dealing 14.35% less damage than with Molten Impact. BUT... I'm pretty sure you makeup for that lost damage, since monsters don't run around and you can keep them snared and close to your LL+Meteor spam.

Pretty sure CB triggers on cold rune meteor. Chilled or frozen it says.

If it works, then maybe it isn't 14.35% less damage?
Actually, I'm taking into account that you get the Cold-Blooded passive bonus. Without the bonus, it'd be more like a 19% damage difference. The benefit of Comet lies primarily in whether the snare allows you to be more efficient in dealing damage, as enemies can't move around. :)
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The cold rune on meteor + CB is noticably less damage output. The ice that pops up is also easily confused for frozen pops.

Though the same argument can be made for Molten Impact since I think I'm getting a legendary for every meteor...
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The cold rune on meteor + CB is noticably less damage output. The ice that pops up is also easily confused for frozen pops.

Though the same argument can be made for Molten Impact since I think I'm getting a legendary for every meteor...
Yea that gets me also, I rotate between comet/molten and meteor shower whenever the mood takes me and the light beams from molten sure confuses a lot of people thinking they are getting drops.
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02/09/2013 10:29 AMPosted by TekkZero

RD is not the problem for me too, even with GC in live. As Whisper said, I build my EHP for Molten Succubus Desecrator in mind. I never built my EHP with RD in mind after I was no longer hurt by Electrfied.

There is no way we need less EHP than we do now, it's just an illusion created by /new changes/
Then that's exactly where you should be! :D The key is that your EHP should be set by the MP difficulty, not the amount of damage you deal. After 1.0.7, I think the desired EHP threshold will be more universal across SNS wizards, and not steadily increased up for CM/WW wizards with more DPS.

exactly, ehp needed will vary through mps not ur dps, no more hitting a wall to increase dps. what will actually drop is the loh to dps ratio and that has a tight relationship with mitigation. what can change though is the way the ehp is gained, coz with the reflect nerf how much is mitigated vs life wont matter that much, so as long mitigation is good and u dont get one hit through vit ur fine. lets say u need 400k ehp to survive a maniac in mp8, now u can drop a little bit of armour or ar and compensate with vit as the high mitigation u need to take less rd damage is not that important.

Thats probably what i will do, drop some defense(armour in my case) in gloves to push dps there where its easy, and compensate with vit somewehre else. So i can still take a maniac, through more vit, and push dps at same time. thinking of something like 4.5k armour 800-850 ar and 45k hp. so i can get another 10k dps or more in gloves.
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Has anyone tried paralysis? could solve the runners issue
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In 1.07 u just wanna dps a mid level mp as fast as u can. Ur gonna need teleport and freeze doesn't matter much. Meteors are great cuz they can drop dps fast without winding up. I really wanted to do a meteor/SNS build on mp7 but don't think it's a good idea to lose teleport. I think this is a good solution but its got drawbacks too like certain mob types that run around like crazy can seem impossible to even hit and I feel like I'm just wasting time compared to a smooth steady SNS flow of dmg.
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02/09/2013 08:39 AMPosted by TekkZero
@Whisper: The reason RD isn't a problem for you and me is that we have low DPS relatively speaking. And we have enough mitigation that RD is a piece of cake. But RD, as it stands, is a function of DPS. Many of the CM/WW wiz players with high dps only have a very high mitigation to address RD. After 1.0.7 they can drop to levels similar damage mitigation to the rest of us, since there is still a sweet spot for face-tanking most things. But that sweet-spot of damage mitigation is now not as correlated to a character's DPS, but rather just the MP difficulty. :)

I don't get it though.

If you are glassy, you are glassy, that is the price you pay.

You and I could both go massively more DPS pretty easily, but that is the trade off, we will suddenly not be able to tank MP10 ubers and elites without having to massively micromanage everything in an effort not to die.

The funny thing is, when I see reflect damage, I warn my team mates cause they are usually the high DPS ones that can get caught out easily.

I don't know, the debates already been done to death, it just kind of annoying to see the game nerfed in such a way that you no longer need end game gear to do end game content.

When a Monk & I or a DH & I can carry guys that can scrape through MP5-6 on MP10, its getting kind of sad.
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I don't know, the debates already been done to death, it just kind of annoying to see the game nerfed in such a way that you no longer need end game gear to do end game content.

When a Monk & I or a DH & I can carry guys that can scrape through MP5-6 on MP10, its getting kind of sad.

This is what happens when a development team adopts a "Buff Don't Nerf" approach to balancing a game. Everyone's power increases, but the opposition's power remains the same (or in some cases like RD, goes down). The masses are happy, but those that enjoy a challenge are left wanting. By the time those masses start becoming bored, too, they roll out a content patch or xpac to regain interest. Blizzard knows what they're doing.

Anyhow, derail. Sorry.
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02/08/2013 05:42 PMPosted by tcklemepanda
chang are you trying to knock my hustle?

I would never, I was referring to the post from the wow profile on page 8.
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Nice video, thanks.

I also tried paralysis, and found it not to work at all. I believe the stuns you are seeing in this video are coming entirely from the gear.

You're welcome!

I have found from extensive testing that Paralysis is definitely working. I ditched it for Conflag for a few weeks and have since come back to it, i noticed the difference immediately.

Living Lightning is, unfortunately, the only spell it works with reliably, however.

If you rewatch the video and take note of how often enemies are frozen vs how often they are stunned, i think you will find stuns occur about 3 times more often, which is in line with what Paralysis would add (roughly half my procs are LL so 3.5% stun from gloves + 4% from Paralysis vs 2.5% freeze from belt - 3:1).

(Of course that could easily be RNG but it's not hard to test - slot LL and Paralysis and go shoot some things, you'll see :)
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Aim is da Real Deal
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Tried this build out but using bone chill in place of teleport. Dying A LOT more than my cm SMS build even with glass cannon on. What am I doing wrong? I'm playing 1.06 mp 7
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@chang haha i didnt think you were i was only poking fun. i didnt realize we were getting WoW forumsmurfs coming over, so i was confused as to why you called them "pandas." In honor of the pandarian brewmaster i now understand haha

in other news, paralysis completely broken ... ?

Solo build for this...

you get an insane amount of snare and with the ultra buffs coming to LL and Blizzrd this will be very viable build. got it working up to mp7 with my mediocre gear.

also, swap Storm Armour and Diamond Skin rune for your rune of choice...I like the extra -10 meteor but enduring skin, shards or shocking aspect/scramble works nicely depending on what youre trying to achieve.
swap freeze for electrify if youve grown out of the freeze phase.
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Swap conflag for prodigy...lots mo meteor spammin'.
I can only run this at MP5 solo, and suspect with ur better ehp u could it easily as well.
This build isn't for solo mp10 bizz...if u can run sns keep rockin' it, less ur bored and want a change of pace.
I will say tho, this build is damn fun and u can do mp7 or mabez a bit higher with the right player with ya', but ya' have to knowz, maniacs shake off LL like water off a Kardashian booty so be prepared with a meteor or run yo tail back my br0tha'!

edit: sry, hit or miss with my iphone to see ur gear.
you need a LS wep or more LoH(1600+) to run this effectively.
if you want to experiment without too much hassle, u can grab a
cheap LS w/LoH Burning Axe of Sankis.
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@ flo thx for the help. Another question though... If I switch to LS weapons won't it still need to have apoc? I will lose 10 apoc if I ditch chants will and then have to get a apoc force which is far too expensive. This will likely bump me out of the 2.74 BP as well. Just wondering if that as important as it is with cm build.
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Nope, w/ the beauty of LL/Prodigy no need for apoc on ur wep.
I believe shaggy?/BDF?/others...posted in here(agn lazy iphone user me) about attk sp/LoH/arcane procs/returns etc...high IAS not necessary.
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Did the build yesterday, it's definitely not for everyone - just like SNS I suppose but users already deep into SNS with 2.73 / 3 aps and 55-60+ CC 700+ LoH probably shouldn't bother with this much besides farming lower MP and maaybe grouping (although groups would likely prefer freeze utility).

Haven't ran any tests but since I didn't regear completely of course I was dying left and right on MP8 vs being totally fine with MP8 and actually killing just as fast.

Like I've stated I get a 14x on average multiplier using SNS+Electrify, I'm pretty knees deep into SNS with my Slorak's gear plan + Mara's. Course I used my amulet that gives CD for 22k more dps for Aimless' build (Hey bud, no funky cool name yet sup with that??) but the loss of extra crit on twisters (24% Crit loss from DF/Mara's!) adds up to be a huuuge deal that really shows on MP8+

So as said, it's not for everyone..for me it does not actually increase my damage output save for trash or lower mp farming. It's a fun build don't get me wrong and actually while the exp reward for higher MPs is still craptastic on live I might consider using this for lower lvl MP farming, but that's about it.

If anything this just made archon / ranged a lot less desirable or "history". Why play archon when this can go fast on lower MP AND do higher mp (with archon like gearing) with this build ?
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