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Another CM Wiz seeking advice from his peers.

So after RobertV and I had a converstion a few days back I decided to switch direction with my Cm Wiz. Overall I'm very satified how it turned out. I could use a Tals chest vs BT but to get a Tals with this much eHP is pretty expensive. So to break 3.01 I decided Innas for a temp bandaid.

So my question is where should I go next? I'm currently shopping for Taskers with AR or course but I probably won't be able to afford 9/10 prob end up with 9/8cc but overall I'm starting to see that wall again although I am doing a lot more dmg than I currently was and I am able to run SNS with 3 piece BT (ammy, chest, and legs) with 2.85 aps my BT pants have AR and armor. But what other upgrade should I been looking at. I ended up at this wall since I've run out of gear to sell to pay for it =) I ended up selling my archon set to pay for upgrades + flipping items I had for my last CM set helped also. Thanx for your input I hardly post here because my authenticator is linked with my ipad and I'm @ work atm.
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Anything constructive crit is welcome =:>

My goal is to get around 700AR with 4.5k armor and 200k dmg while maintaining 3.01 aps, thats the goal I'm currently looking forward to.
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Anything constructive crit is welcome =:>

Cool battle tag. One of my favourite Metallica songs.
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Depends on your budget. Ultimately you want to use a CC Mempo, which in turn makes you use Black pants for LOH(+3set bonus) and also requires an Apoc Source.

I'd consider dropping to 2.73 Breakpoint and use an Open socket wand for more dps.

If your are not going for Tri gloves at least get some with AR. You are also losing alot of CC (synergy) by using a IAS/CD amulet instead of IAS/CC.

The problem with CM and its breakpoints and effectability is when you change 1 set of gear you end up changing 2-3peices to counteract what you lost on the 1st peice.. Its annoying as hell.

This why a few of us recommend upgrading each slot to yoru end game goals, so your not upgrading each peice 3-4 times as you increase your DPS, EHP.

But buy the sounds of your reasoning not to use a Tals chest due to Costs..... your best upgrade with a limited budget will probably be a pair of Int/Tri gloves.
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QUOTE: If your are not going for Tri gloves at least get some with AR. You are also losing alot of CC (synergy) by using a IAS/CD amulet instead of IAS/CC.

Thanks for the advice but in this instance I was rocking 59.5% crit b4 the ammy swap with a 9ias/ 8.5cc BT ammy figured 51% cc was fine I dont know why my profile states 40%. Completely unbuffed I'm at 51% no follower no pinpoint. If I do decide to drop to the 2.73 BP a Socketed chants will be my best dps upgrade of course but I want to get my cake and eat it too =( LoL @ fail quote.

@KillerElite no doubt I've gotten compliments in game as well =) thank you.
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