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Please fix weapon damage, weapon effect

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Go to page 2 if you want to see how weapon is calculated

The are three kinds of weapon in this game the phyical weapon, the non-physical, and the "cold" weapon.
physical = min/max affix weapon
non-physical = enchanted/effect(visual) weapon
cold = chill CC (slow by 30%, 1 second) weapon

Physical weapon gain additional elemental damage when enchanted with item bonus such as a SOJ. Non-physical weapon only gain on average 35% of the same bonus, same applies to cold weapon. Cold weapon has a underlined damage reduction to its elemental bonus, this is about 1/2 compare to other non-physical weapon that has no damage effect.

I have no idea why cold weapon was left with a damage effect and a damage reduction. The dev team can answer this. Right now cold weapon = broken/junk weapon. Its better to get the chill effect by enchanting your physical weapon, more damage and same effect. You can see right away that we have: physical = best, non physical = better, and cold = worst. Physical weapon has more damage and dps as while as 100% bonus to item enchant.

I want the dev team to fix the errors they included after they launch D3 into the public.
1. non-physical weapon is weak and have no real benefit
2. cold weapon is weak because of damage reduction
3. most physical weapon has a damage calculation "bug"

Add effect to all elemental enchant and reduce all non-physical weapon damage...or not...

Simple fix can be done to cold weapon by doubling the current cold affix on all cold weapon in the server, current existing and future drops. The "chill" effect can even be removed to balance with the other non-physical weapon. Or if damage effect is overpowered but you would like to keep it then reduce the proc chance to the same as weapon bonus (1.0-5.1%), but please improve the damage on cold weapon. Picking up cold weapon = picking up a weapon that is 10 level behind.

more on page 2
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Weapon Calculation and possbile fix to bug weapon

WD = weapon damage (number between dps&aps)
MM = min/min damage affix
ED = enchanted damage affix
PE = +xx% damage affix
min = weapon damage min
max = weapon damage max
base = weapon damage on white

ED value on tooltip include PE from weapon.

A "good" weapon
min = base_min(PE) + MM_min(PE) + ED_min
max = base_max(PE) + MM_max(PE) + ED_max
weapon mean = (min + max)/2 = average WD
WD is used to calculate dps, dps = WD x aps

A "bugged" weapon
min = base_min(PE) + MM_min(PE) + ED_min
min > base_max
bug_max = 1 + base_min
max = bug_max(PE) + MM_min(PE) + MM_max(PE) + ED_max

There are two bugs I can see here. One will be adding 1, another is system idenfying max=min=max, then both min and max affix is applied. The logic don't flow here.

IMO "corrected" weapon
min = base_min(PE) + MM_min(PE) + ED_min
min > base_max
max = base_min(PE) + base_max(PE) + MM_max(PE) + ED_max

Example Echoing Fury, perfect roll

(1) A "good" weapon
638.4-961.8 <800.1> dps = 1160.1

(2) A "bugged" weapon
638.4-1187.2 <912.8> dps = 1323.6

(3) IMO "corrected" weapon
638.4-1185.8 <912.1> dps = 1322.5

(4) Echanted Damage weapon (use EF base)
520-1101.4 <810.7> dps = 1175.5

(2) > (3) > (4) > (1)

If "bug" is fixed so it becomes "good" then physical weapon has the chance to be worse than non-physical weapon, but still gain 100% enchant bonus off item.
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I hope the CM/dev got a chance to see this
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