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The monk's Natalya

@Fitz your nat set grants me ~8k dps, but again its because I will do more crits, I would actually do a bit less dmg per swing. As for the mitigation I stand at around 500k eHp and I feel confortable there. It's gonna be more than 63k for me, I think.
Also, lets not forget the fact that cc gets more powerfull when you have high crit dmg. I'm a bit hindered in the matter since my EF has none so the impact of 3-7% more cc doen't say much to my current set up.

Considering that I'd feel that I spend so much gold just to bring unbalance to my current set up :(
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for us cyclone users tho, CC is all MAJOR. 12-13% crit chance from rings and boots is why most of the top monks use nat. The DPS on ur character page is not the real representation of ur dmg output, and while u use cyclone, the crit chance and atk speed boost ur real DPS up ALOT more than dex.
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@ MrMojo I guess ms it the salt in the "like salt and pepper" expression :) I like the pepper more though in this metaphor, meaning dashing strike, cyclone strike, even TR, where I don't have to run around or escaping that much, just to have a vortex, frozen, sentry orb blow up in my face :):):)
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I must be one of the few who are not really wanting to use the nats set. Due to the way I've geared, I'll lose a ton of eHP.
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@ seansky true and accurate words. Actually cyclone is wrong on the current build on my profile; blade storm or even fire storm is much better since cyclone strike doesn't proc cyclones, and don't even get me started on the WotF.

And I think you brought the deffinitive statement to the table.

CC compliments cyclone proc :) that's what I was missing!

If I don't care about producing cyclones, then the bonus from nat's set (currently missing from the description) is not that strong to justify its cost.
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As it seems you and me both master Weegee.
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I see some players of non-dex classes still use Nat set to get the 7cc bonus.
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monk is the only class that doesnt use an off hand and doesnt have a passive that gives crit so we need that 7C.C badly
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@emperor I think is a valid question.. I personally don't use nats set. Do I have one? Yes. Does my other gear outdo it? Yes. Matter of choice. It is not a necessity especially if you can't afford a +cc/avg dmg nats ring. And the good nats boots? Over 1b. For higher mp I throw on a shield, IC and IF need be my BT pants.

@xDan27 is called a shield and many monks use them. Same as barbs except they have a passive (2 in fact w gear).
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Thanx emperor your criticism is what really helped a lot. Go follow those people like a good boy you are.

xDan27 not sure I understand your logic about the off hand... What are you trying to say? I would argue with you that for the common nat ring its a mere +3-4% cc more with much less sustain and a fortune required to get it.
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I personally have never used the Nats set as I dont think the cost of a cc ring is worth the investment. I do like the MS the boots provide but they cant compare to my Ice Climbers in terms of EHP so unless I get a godly rolled ring, forget about it. You can easily get to > 150K and > 45 cc without the set with a little planning.

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MrVet, I'm with you on this. I've often pondered on this as well but find it hard to switch from my rares. Then again, it's not like I can afford the obscene amounts of gold for a good Nat set, and I'm not willing to spend gold to gain some DPS and lose a lot of eHP on just an 'ok' set.

What I've considered more is switching out my boots to Ice Climbers, but I'd still lose quite a bit of eHP. :(
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Look at my gear. I think it's pretty awesome enough. balanced resists everywhere even while using nats, with loh and LS.

I'll appreciate if anyone knows of a better board monk so i can learn from him
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I like the nat's ring, with crit chance as a random roll it gives me a huge boost, particularly for proc on crit based builds. It's so good that I use it for my wizard and barb for certain specific builds.
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Besides the obvious answer that they grant nice bonuses, why is that? Rare items often grant bigger bonuses.

Its the most cost efficient way to get those type of stats.
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You blew my mind Teckno!
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02/02/2013 02:08 AMPosted by icyraine
its 7% more crit that u wont be able to find on any other part of your equipment
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