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Silver's Gearing Service - Part 2

Bumping this up, can take a few more names. I am not on as much as I was (following in Nameless' footsteps) but since I had to work yesterday, I'll make tonight my gaming "day" and can gear a few guys out. Add me if interested.
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Really? Nobody? Surprising...but I had BETTER gear someone out before the end of the night! =)

Haven't done it in a while, kinda miss it...=)
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Two words:
Silver Awesome
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Id love free help!!!!

What do i need more of.. Mp 7 is usually difficult for me to clear - have several deaths. MP 5 is cake
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Popsicle, added you.
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I know I am a Silver Supporter. I can now farm MP10 like I was farming MP3 before.

Spent a nice chunk of gold, but worth it.
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So this is where you have been. Nice! Silver is good at finding gear to make a well rounded monk.
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Hi Silver,

Can you help me on how to gear my monk :) please? Tyrion #6330
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Hey Silver,

Is the Snapshot SW still work? If yes I may need your help to get me one working set. Thanks in advance.
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@ Coolvan : No, it doesn't. But that's a good thing. =) If you were geared properly before patch, and didn't abuse the snapshot mechanic, there should be no gear change required (I can guarantee none of the guys I geared felt much of an effect, if any - unless beneficial! -, with the loss of snapshot).

To all : make sure to add me. I'll be gone until early next week (be on for an extended evening either Monday or Tuesday), so I won't be able to reply yet. But be patient! =)

P.S. - My gear will be on loan, so don't look at my profile to evaluate my set-building abilities during that time. =)
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noted silver! will add you later :D
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Hey guys,

Bumping this up. I haven't been on as much lately, but I will be on for a good portion of the evening tonight, and most likely tomorrow as well. For you guys needing gearing advice, I can try to help.

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He has helped me out in the past and i plan on taking advantage of this again.

Good guy imo.

Edit: forgot to mention im on now Silver and wanting to get up with you if you see this. I won't be on much tonight but should be on tomorrow if all goes well in the evening.
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SWEET man thanks.
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Silver helped me a lot to upgrade my DPS while improving my resist and HP. He know what he is doing and he will for sure help you a lot if you need any advice for gearing.

Thanks again Silver32 :-)
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My pleasure, Ewan. =) Glad to see you back among us!
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Made it to 150k unbuffed thanks to silver's sword tips 8).
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I'm pretty happy with my progress using the same guides. I'm just not sure what to aim for with next purchases. 80k dps. 100k would be nice, but I like my 500k-ish EHP and 50k+ Hp. I just tend that way vs. being glassy.

Will look for you for advice perhaps?

Edit: 20m in the bank it I struggle to spend more than 5m on any one upgrade. I guess I'm conservative like that.
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Is this offer still going? My budget is fairly low, about 10mill, but gearing up from almost scratch is quite the maze for the uninitiated. I'd like a good set of gear for a good ol' Sweeping Winds - Cyclone build, leaning towards more cyclones rather than stronger ones.
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please help to advise how to upgrade my gear to further my dps.. thank
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