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Silver's Gearing Service - Part 2

Hello Silver,

I am looking for some help regarding my gear. Topping 105k deeps atm, but my survivability is not the best. I am addicted to MF too and I don't know if it is worth it. If you are still helping people, I would greatly appreciate some advice. I will hopefully contact you later tonight in-game. Talk to you soon.

Also, you are a baus for helping so many people!

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Bumping this up. Getting the urge to gear some monks. =)
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I'm glad you bumped this....I could use some help.
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Ok, I can vouche for Silver. He created me an all new Monk. I am forever in his debt.
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I wouldn't mind getting some assistance as well :)
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Thanks sinless. =) My pleasure!

Couple of things about his build :

1. He already had the Ice Climbers. For his budget, I'd usually at least try to go with a 2-piece nat's set, but his had MS, so I went with that;
2. In inputting his IC's into my spreadsheet (Nameless' - credit where credit is due!), I put the resists in the wrong columns, which basically made it so that the 72 or so AR from his boots didn't appear in the final calc. =) So, I had him at 590 AR in my spreadsheet, and although I wasn't happy with it, I thought I could live with it - but then he told me, upon equipping everything, that he was at 660!!! So I could have gone for even more dps on some slots (MH ring or bracers come to mind) by sacrificing a bit of resists.

But oh well - not entirely a bad thing for someone new to the class to have higher mitigation for a while. Enjoy!

P.S. - Upgrade those gems in chest/pants/helm when you have a chance, sinless. =) Emeralds or star emeralds (or amethysts) are fine.
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hey silver, brand new monk need assistance with survival issues. i came from being a dh so i think my dps is too high compared to my ehp, any help will be appriciated!
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Bumping this up - will be on tonight if guys need gearing help.
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Silver, if you have time, I would greatly appreciate some direction with my Monk. He is my first and only character, and I just hit 60 and beat Hell difficulty about an hour ago. I have no idea where to start at this point. I'm sure most people here would benefit more from your help than I, but perhaps if you could spare a few minutes for some guidance? I would really appreciate it!
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I appreciate the help building my monk and am looking forward to what i can get for my budget.
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I'm wondering if I can upgrade anything for 20 mil? Everything I look at on the AH is 80-100 mil.

PS - I'd like to stick with fist type weapons if possible.
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If that's ok with you Silver, and you're missing some free time with customers, you can give my name to fellow monks with a very limited budget.

I'm having a blast thinking and building sub 1m set that works, and doing pretty good so far. As you have a lot of people requesting help, I thought that could be appreciate. Anyway, let me know, I'll delete my post if you prefer.
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Silver is the man!!!
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@Mer : Thanks! =)

@DoubleD : First thing you need to do is get some sustain, man. Contact me in game if you want some more one-on-one help.

@Teasdale : Knock yourself out, man. =)

@Trigger : Just contact me in game, I'll help you as I can.

@Darkheart : Your set is ready.
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Just getting a heads-up out there - I'm finishing up a few sets here (Lateria : almost done!), but I should be on tomorrow evening - Tuesday - for a good part of the evening for those who need help.
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Guys, I'll be on tonight if some of you need help.
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Hi Silver,
I'm new to monk and don't have a clue how to gear her. Can you help me. How much budget would I need to solo mp10 uber and what skill build is prefered. Thanks.
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Good day Silver,

Just got 60 earlier, borrowed gold from a friend, I would like to ask some guidance with my gearing.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there Silver, I'm lookin to get back to playin my monk again and some gearing help would be much, muccchh appreciated =D.
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Labrynth, your set is ready.
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