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Do People even use HC AH?

So I'm a fairly new HC player, and I don't really have to time to play very often. Recently, I grew bored of my 60 WD(18), and decided I wanted more of a challenge and that I'd play HC. I absolutely love the challenge, and have decided to not buy any gear for my HC Barb. Although I do browse the HC AH, I haven't made any purchases but I was hoping to sell a few lower lvl items that were fairly good quality. Ive honestly priced these items so low that I don't know why I even bothered to put them on AH in the first place. I guess I felt like the HC community was much more appreciative of fair prices on decent low lvl gear but it seems that absolutely nothing sells. Does everyone in HC use only gear that they find/craft?
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Most folks use the AH, though a significant minority plays self-found.

Low level main stat + vit gear usually moves right away if you price it right.

You've either priced your gear too high or it's too low quality (for instance, low level stuff without vit doesn't move well).

Edit: Welcome to HC and good luck!
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In the low levels, your item has to be very very good and be the cheapest prices. Because for leveling, people want great items but not spend too much.

For lvl 60 items, it has to be really good, but there has to be people who are alive and using the build that requires the item, And has enough gold, in order to purchase that item.

So there's some nuances to pricing on HC AH.
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Levelling gear generally sells very nicely. The only thing to keep in mind is what is considered "decent" pieces in SC is different than HC. If a piece doesn't have main stat + VIT you may find it slower to move. Stuff that has regen, while of no additional value in SC, will sell much faster than something without regen. Shields are very popular...2h weapons aren't...stuff like that. Also worth noting is that certain classes (like wiz) are a lot less popular in HC so it might take longer to sell something specific to that class.

Hope that helps. Good luck!
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Thank you guys for the response. Glancing over the gear that I'm selling, it seems none of it has VIT+ on it, so that may be the reason for the slow moving. Again, thanks for the insight, as I'm new to the HC scene. :)
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I have found the low level auction house stuff to move items far faster then items on the softcore marketplace.

Just remember, tankier gear will always be worth more.

Also, socketed gear sells really well.
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Also bear in mind that helms, pants, gloves, and boots will probably not sell very well because those who do buy leveling gear in the AH WILL buy Cain's set. (I know this from the supply side; my friend found cain's recipe months ago; he can craft 2x full inventories, put up the WORST 10 pieces and all of them will sell at a profit within an hour or two)
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I just wish I could stumble upon some gems! Lol, when do they start dropping, towards the end of act 2? It's been so long since I actually leveled a toon that I can't remember many of the nuances of the game.
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Gems start dropping in A2 normal. But you can also buy flawless square gems on the AH for pretty cheap (except amethysts - they're a little more expensive).
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Yeah, I'm trying to play this Barb using only gear that I find/craft, but thank you for suggesting the auction house. In future HC toons, that may well be a route I have to take. I'm just so wrapped up in the challenge of finding/crafting my own gear right now that I feel like I'd cheat myself if I bought gems off of the AH. :)
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Fair enough! It's fun to give yourself an extra challenge with your first HC character. I used the AH, but I also leveled my first character - my WD - to 60 on MP10. Still going strong!

Good luck!
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OMG MP10 would kill me! lol my barb is lvl 18 with 63 damage and like 560 armor haha he'd be toast in mp10.
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I found things sold quickly if priced well. I had around 1.5m by level 60 and made another 1m in a day or so after just from selling yellow/blues.

Like others said, 2h's do not sell well, actually any weapon sold really poorly. The best was armor with main stat + vit which was good for its level. Also sockets add a lot of value to low level items.
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Anything I post sells even crap items. The only items that might not sell is anything level 48+ because that's around the level people start wanting "reduced level requirement", but once you start getting 61-63 it becomes the same as the sc ah.
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I agree, ExzoSSG.

Almost everything I put up sells. . .if it doesn't sell with a day, I take it down and vendor it.

I'm averaging about 150k a night (just selling AH- not counting special items I find or pick-up gold.)
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