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Starting Mp10 no AH, no Stash, no Gold game

Need a break from grinding so until 1.07 comes out so I'll be logging a new WD on MP10 onlly. No AH, can't use stash and have already spent all my stashed gold so no help there either. I will be using vendors and blacksmith but must farm my own materials to do so. Started last night and am lvl 8. I will replay areas if I think I need to in order to progress. Goal is the at least finish NM.

As others have done before If you want in on a deathpool, guess the lvl I die at and I will put up a good legendary item as a prize. Will give the winner a few choices as options and they can pick one. If no winner I will start again and prize pool will jump to 2 legendaries and so on and so on.

So far people in death pool:

Fenrir - lvl 41
PureMichigan - lvl 39
Forelle - lvl 31 (out)
DreamingFTW - lvl 18 (out)
Castrate - lvl 37
SyN - lvl 52
Tommerbob - lvl 45
Dalton - lvl 27 (out)
Zaknaril - lvl 25 (out)
McTwitcher - lvl 42
Fullof!@#$ - lvl 43
Kingglorborx - lvl 40
Golfgang - lvl 38
DarkLink - lvl 29 (out)
Mayhem - lvl 35
Irish - lvl 47
greymateria - lvl 48
rush4dakill - lvl 54

Update: current lvl 11-- lvl 4 cathedral, need to farm a few blues to salvage and craft a shield then taking on the skeleton king tonight after work. MP10 gold drop is pretty decent as well as number of blues with the MF bonus. Was able to craft a helm, shoulder, belt, boot, bracer and glove so far. Purchased rings from vendor and found wep, current shield and chest.
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lvl42, Fields of Misery (NM)
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no you wont die until at least act 2
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lv 39

best of wishes
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Level 31

Good luck on your mission!
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lv 18 GL
notbriancho if i win:)
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Just logged out..

Update- lvl 15 just beat the spider queen dropped a decent rare glove then I crafted lvl 15 axe which puts me at about 50dps now. Next two levels will help greatly (lvl 16 spirit vessel) (lvl 17 journeyman arming cap and cerimonial dagger become available to craft)

Mobs take awhile to kill although dire bats is helping when it doesn't miss completely :P Still time to get into the death pool but tomorrow night by 10pm is the cutoff. If I die b4 lvl 60 and no one guessed correctly will re-roll and double the payout on new guesses.
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lvl 37!
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lvl 52 GL
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Level 45. Is this exact level, or the closest to?

Good luck!
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Level 45. Is this exact level, or the closest to?

Good luck!

exact level guess and thank you!
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Todays update:

Lvl 19, starting A2 now. Crafted gloves, wep, helm (both with socket but no gems found yet) bought some pants. Haven't had to replay any areas yet but have cleared most of them up to this point along with caves. Have stashed about 50 essence and 10 tooth which should help me if I continue to not find any dropped upgrades. Butcher was challenging but not impossible his pull in clobber attack hit for about half my globe but was able to avoid most of them.

Last chance to get into the death pool! Back on tonight at around 10pm.
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Lvl 27 is my guess! Good Luck!
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Level 25 is my guess. Good luck!
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Level 42, good luck!!
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lvl 43 good luck ;)
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level 40 good luck
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lvl 38
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Lv 29
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Good luck to ya!

I'll guess level 35, but I sincerely hope you make it to 60.
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