Diablo® III

Why does this game have so many problems?

I won't even go into what I like/dislike about D3. It's not worth anybodies time.

Posting anywhere but the general forums is also a waste of time.

After everything we've been through with D3, this game is still half assed imo.
I still play, mainly just helping friends out, farming etc.

My question is, why in the hell is this game now having a problem with my video card after this recent mini patch? I dont even get an error, it just says "we have detected your video card is not supported by D3". I had this problem when I first installed the digital copy. Not even sure I did anything to change it. It just started working.

Any ideas?

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Fixed. lulz. Sometimes I wonder why I still invest any time playing this. I just came back from 1.02, I ask myself why.
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When I worked desktop support, 90% of the tickets I received were from people like you.

"Oh hi tech guy, let me show you the problem...."

"... oh well I guess your presence must have fixed it. Silly me."
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I hear ya. I was quick to post. I can just assume it's from timeless issues I've had with the game. Nothing should surprise me anymore.

I have only contacted support once though! Usually I'll try and just work through the problems as they arise. Most of the time a support never helps anyways.
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Why does this game have so many problems?

Because this game is the sequel to the grand father of Arpg and the big guys at blizzard had the brilliant idea to let a some guy with no Arpg knowledge whatsoever work on the project
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I still blame the AH. Really good idea on paper, bad in practice. Removes a key social element, trading and haggling. Me, my friends and the people I've played D2 with never once turned to 3rd party sites and while not the most hardcore of hardcore players we put in a lot of hours and I would say qualified as well above 'casual'. Terrible excuse to bring the AH into this game.

Another flaw would be the level 60 cap, sure we have paragon lvls now but the equipment caps at 60. Very rarely will you find a 60 character in D3 with under lvl 60 gear, while in D2 you had 80-90 characters sporting various gear from mix and matched levels that suited the build they were using. That should say something about itemizing in D3. Generic equipment, everyone might as well be wearing enigmas and he with perfect rolls on his dusk shroud/archon plate/Mage plate has the slight advantage and bragging rights. In D3 you can basicly change your weapons and that changes your 'playstyle'

I still have hopes for this game, but I won't be investing any more time into it for a while.
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