Diablo® III

Observations of a demo player... if valued!

I am a former player of D1 & D2, now I have a starter edition of D3, but I notice that blizzard don't care about feedback from those who try the game and decide whether to buy it or not; since, I did not see a mechanism to do so yet. Because I don't have the full version of the game, the only option to post my opinion is this "limited" forum; although it is not quite the place to do so!!. I couldn't find any other place...sorry.

The problem can be solved with "Give the players unlimited choises, and let the players choose how to limit themselves"...

I would have bought the full version, should the game have been as follows:

*THE QUESTS: Knowing that the characters are able to switch to any skill set at anytime possible; basically, the quests also must match that system, i.e. using different specific combination of skills to solve the given quest; for example, you must have quests that require a demon hunter to use bows skill set sometimes and in other cases you need to use silent-kiling skill sets, as in using a dagger with impale/chakram or the like... (otherwise, if this is a true hack'n slash game, logically then the skill system must be like D2 style). This will encourage more social teamplays and will have diversity in solving a quest... also players should acquire intelligence and information from different places to reach a conclusion how to solve a particular quest...

*GEARS: Also, not all the classes should equip any other weapon as desired, its ridiculous!.. if this is the case, then there should be some downfalls in that like the effect of weight of the weapon on the bearer, attack-speed downfall, or what have you... it would be very interesting if the Demon hunter can wield a dagger in one hand and use a hand crossbow in the other (or dagger in both hands), or the witchdoctor has skills to throw a javelin or imbue a sacrifical dagger with poison to make blowing melee attacks, or the wizard can perform different skills using a staff... skill-specific gears... this would be then related to the quests also...

*END-GAME: the game can be made more interesting if one is forced to choose a side(good-evil) or a faction something like the "blood/tears" system of Might & Magic heroes. this will create infinitely many options combined with the current innovative system of the game...

*MONSTERS: Enemies also must be wiser and have the tactical abilities to really make a player sweat with their intelligence level... also must encourage fun while teamplay... it is an ecstasic feeling when people try to break a wall of enemy groups together...

*ENVIROMENTAL TEASE: it would be more teasing if the players were given the chance to explore the environment by themself as opposed to " go to ... and kill ..." type of directions... the quests will be more challenging with the environmental risks at hands... imagine the sky is the limit...

In the light of the above points as an observer trying out the demo, in its current state the game makes a player brain-dead, but any other thing is amazing in it... thanks

By the way, can someone copy & paste this to a non-limited forum topic? not necessary giving my name, but I want these ideas to be spreaded, maybe the developers would catch some new ideas... this game deserves to be the best!!!
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