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what mp can i do uber on my barb

what uber can i do on my barb go look at its gear and my profile
berserker#2361 and tell me what tp upgrade so i can do mp 10 uber
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link please?
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You can most likely do MP10 with that gear and skillset. 9% life steal is more than enough for reflect damage. As you gain more dps, you'll lessen your run time. For efficiency, I think MP2 or 3 would be good.
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yea MP10 isnt gonna go over well. ur ehp is too low. id say mp7 maybe 8. that is if we are talking solo
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then i come to skeletonkig the (flyers) almost 1 hit me thats is the only thing i need to counter
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if the moths can 1 shot so as SK or Magdas minion the hard hitting ones where a 1 shot from them drains my hp to 40-50%. you need more damage mitigation. at ur present ls of 9% try replacing bloodthirst with defense oriented passives such as superstition or TaN. you need to increase ur armor to at least 6k+ and AR to 550 - 600 to have a shot at mp10 but SB/Kulle is another story.

for now mp7-8 is doable.
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As mentioned above, you need much higher ehp. You're at ~515k unbuffed before dodge right now, which is decent for someone using inna's+wh, but pretty sketchy for soloing mp10, and certaintly not enough if you plan on doing this with ww. I would recommend at least 800k before dodge, you may need to use warcry to maintain your dps while doing this.

If you could keep the same buffed tdps while using a soj, I think you could beat enrages on realm of turmoil. You're sitting at ~980k buffed tdps, getting the next attack speed breakpoint on your mainhand (6% ias with your current ef) and picking up a soj would put you at ~1350k tdps vs elites.

As for specific items to upgrade, that depends on your budget, and whether you plan on playing solo or in a group. Good mainhand echoing fury's are very expensive, so I would recommend changing your weapon setup for a start, and making sure you're hitting decent breakpoints.
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Armor and all resist. You have to lessen the amount of damage you take. While at present I have the gear on I use to farm MP 1-3 quickly I can swap out a few items and solo MP 7 without much problems. It does take me a bit to kill Ubers but I can do it. Without getting one shotted.
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