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HOTA.. more IAS = less fury sustainment?

So I play ww/HOTA hybrid most of the time. (ww for trashmobs + crowd control, HOTA to smack down elites/champs/ubers)

I recently upgraded my gear, and before I did so I was able to maintain full fury at all times while smacking enemies with HOTA.

Now after I upgraded I have a ton more IAS than I used to, and suddenly when I smack stuff around with HOTA, my fury drains so much faster than it refills.

I find this surprising considering that before I upgraded I'd maintain max fury the entire time I was spamming HOTA. I just find it sorta interesting. My attack speed is fast enough to fill up quickly if I start Bashing for a sec or two, but I'm just wondering what mechanic made it more difficult to sustain fury just by attacking faster?

I mean, you'd think an upgrade of IAS would have made it even easier as opposed to harder.

Others tell me at my current level of gear I have to make room for HOTA resource reduction gear to maximize my efficiency.
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The reason why HoTA and attack speed do not generally gel well isn't because you're using more fury, but because your attacks are quicker -- of course, the lower CD might be an issue if you can't maximise your crits.

I would personally drop the Unity for one with double crit. Since you're running RLTW, what's your attack speed for both hands fully buffed?
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You're just imagining things. Higher IAS does not mean less ability to maintain fury. More attack speed only means you spend your fury down more quickly when you spam HotA. Unless you have lots of -HotA reduction, you cannot spam it on a single target without losing at least 5 fury per swing. It's simple math. The only exceptions:
- you are hitting more than one target with each swing, in which case your fury is pinned to max with each crit
- you are taking damage (if it's elemental dmg and you use Superstition, your fury will be pinned to max)
- you have 5 IK and you generate a little extra fury, but it doesn't amount to much

If you did a pure HotA build instead of hybrid WW/HotA, you could use OP-Killing Spree to crit more often, especially at lower fury levels. This would improve fury generation somewhat.

Regardless, IAS is HotA's best friend. Spend fury down quickly by spamming HotA, rapidly regen fury with Bash - Punish, repeat... easy perma-WotB.

Edit: I don't disagree with Acrimony to the extent that there is a point where you have enough IAS to maintain WotB easily, and at that point you're better off adding more CD and avg dmg.
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VP probably has it right: when you're spending fury spamming HOTA you spam the fury you do have down more quickly because of the extra IAS.
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