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I'm a total idiot. Do I have any recourse?

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I bought a new Axe from the AH yesterday - for 280mil gold. Then - late last night while falling asleep at my desk - I accidentally sold it! MY GOD I'M A MORON.

I was testing back and forth between weapons and sure enough I sold my whole inventory which was full of yellow drops. By the time I realized I sold the Axe too it was off my page of buybacks.

I am *not* rich - I've never used the rmah - and 280mil took me a long time to acquire. Nevertheless it was totally my fault - I was falling asleep and not paying attention. Does Blizzard help in these situations? I'm a loyal customer since D1 release day :p and I can prove I bought the Axe yesterday:


And it seems to me they should be able to verify I deleted it or at least that it doesn't exist anymore. It shouldn't be that hard .. what do I do next?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Yep if you get lucky they will rollback for you, however you have to cross your fingers and hope the item was backed up.
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And this is how duping started.
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You bought 280mil axe and you still have over 100mil on your account...
You are rich.
People like me who never ever had gold over 50mil are called not rich...
I'm pretty sure the majority of players never even had 100mil.
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Thanks for the help all.

01/31/2013 09:17 AMPosted by Shade
And this is how duping started.

I'm not sure why you think this ... I would assume Blizzard actually verifies that the item was destroyed/no longer exists before restoring...
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I'm afraid they'll only consider a rollback if the account was compromised resulting in item loss. For something like this, where you accidentally sold it to a vendor, they will not issue a rollback.


"The 12 most recently sold items can be recovered from any vendor through the Buyback Items tab. The Buyback Items tab is cleared when your character leaves the game. Sold items that no longer appear on this tab are permanently lost."
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