I had an idea a while back about clearing mp10 ubers on a low budget, and just curious to see if anyone has tested something similar.

The price range would be 10-50m or lower, with the goal being to consistently clear all portals on mp10 ubers with enough time left over to refresh stacks.

Sounds too good to be true -and it probably is- but here's the basic strategy:

You could technically stack a ton of healing and defenses on a low budget to tank your way through mp10 ubers, except that there is also a steep dps requirement.

Realm of Discord: no enrage timers, so in theory it could be done with a very low budget as long as you can survive.

Realm of Chaos: Ghom farts nonstop, and rakanoth spams his blink attack on you for huge amounts of damage, haven't tested but I think it would be very difficult to tank this enrage for an extended period of time.

Realm of Turmoil: the one everyone seems to hate, kulle oneshots you, and while siege's enrage doesn't seem threatening at first, the damage quickly scales up making it extremely difficult to tank, if not impossible.

After playing with the double hammer build, I began to think that it might be possible to ignore some of these enrages by abusing proc stuns, dropping the gear requirements far below what you would normally expect.

Something like this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#feXRPk!YfZ!bacYcc

With cold damage and enough attack speed it is possible to interrupt all of their casting animations, effectively locking them in place and halting their damage output. I threw sslam in there because it is possible to lock down both bosses simultaneously, focusing your efforts on to one of them before moving to the next. Because siege's enrage is unavoidable, realm of turmoil may still have a significant dps requirement -maybe ~700-800k edps- but that would put it on par with the other fights rather than requiring 40% more dps just because kulle runs around and drops bubbles on your face.

Estimated build requirements:

-2.5 aps or higher
-60%+ buffed crit chance
-500k+ buffed ehp, ideally favouring damage reduction over life (allows some small margin for error/rng)
-500k+ edps (just guesstimating)
-8k+ life per second (we still need to get stacks or this whole thing is pointless...)

Some unknowns:

-At what duration is a crowd control effect ignored?

I heard it was 0.5 seconds, which puts our proc stuns just barely outside of that range once bosses hit max cc reduction, but then I also heard you need at least a 2 second cc to permastun something? I haven't extensively tested it myself, but I can never seem to stun bosses 100%. If this is the case then we would have to wait 1 second or more between stuns, if a boss's casting animation is under 1 second there is a possibility that we are !@#$ed (only one or two saving graces permitted via cooldown based cc), although I believe cold damage does reduce their attack speed.

-Are any bosses immune to cc while enraged? Specifically kulle as this could be a major hole in the strategy.

EDIT: Fail. I wrote all this up and it was debunked by 3 minutes of testing, probably should've done that to begin with...

Started up black soulstone on mp10 and it seemed to be working pretty well, but either my attack speed is too slow or kulle's teleport animation is too fast because I was oneshot at the 3 minute mark. I also think having two proc stuns is detrimental to locking down a boss. Using double hammer vs uber zk I remember having enough time to react to consistently stop his teleports, but this is not the cast when I am spamming stuns every half a second resulting in a very short duration.

Going to leave this post up just because I think it's an interesting idea that could be explored further.

EDIT2: Also, if you're using a proc build, make sure your follower doesn't have any hard cc or it will mess with your stuns.

Alsoooo, you can still stun bosses while they're enraged, I stunned kulle out of 2 teleports before he oneshotted me.
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