Diablo® III

0 Dogs or better.

So how do i make the "0 Dog" build? is there something better?
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how much money do you have? Expect to spend 800 to 1.5 billion to get decent Zero Dog items. Don't forget that you also need support items to make the build work correctly.
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..... I'm Broke

What are the items needed?
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If you don't have 800+ million, then you shouldn't even look into the Zdog build - there is no way to get the items cheap and have fun with it.
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The mojo is a lower level item so I was thinking about farming hell mp10 act 2/3 maybe. I would probably find it before I got 800 million gold lol. I have a helm in stash with 7 second cooldown. Wish it was 9. Skull grasp would be the next challenge.
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A friend let me try out his gear. It's very cool for sure. I definitely want to get a set of if but I think it might not really be good for everything. It does feel a little slower. The dogs are summoned and take a second before they run to targets. Life return is insane and damage reflect is a non-issue with it. I was testing it on MP5 and did end up getting killed a few times. Mostly cause you can't see everything under the explosions like arcanes etc. If you sit in the distance you gotta wait for them to get to targets. When I switched back to my usual build progress was faster for sure.

If you were to reach over 200K DPS with a decent tanky build then I would probably say it's not worth it to go that way? But I only played with the build for about an hour so not long enough to really get used to it or start building my gear to suite it better with pickup radius and better base DPS etc.

Other items I've been trying are the freeze and fear stuff like Echoing Fury and Azurewrath. Rain of toads procs high fear and freeze. Example was I had Zulton Kuhl frozen solid in an ubber run last night and some nasty packs frozen or in fear on MP10. Fury is good DPS and Azurewrath not so good for MP!0 but OK if you don't have a CM Wizard in the party.

I'm starting to like my WD a little more these days. So many things you can have in your back pocket to play.
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If you have gold and have optimized this build then it is without a doubt the best build for high mps 7+. Low mps, acid cloud rocks, mid mps 3-6 bears are best.

You need 34 seconds from gear. You want it on three pieces so, homunculous 18+ sec, ring 5-8 sconds(skull grasp or soj), and helm 7-9 seconds( vision, rare, visage). Any combo of these three items that totals 34 seconds are what you are aiming for.

Now It takes more than just these items to work though.

You need at least 7 pick up radius
You need to have good All Res, armor and HP( 650, 3500, 60k minimum really)
You need to have about 20k bonus from health globes
You need to have as close to or above 2 APS, the more the better

Its expensive and time comsuming to switch a bear build to this one for sure.
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