Simply put I find the crafting system like most to be useless past a certain point in the game. I believe this to be a problem caused by the fact the a large amount of the money you make in the early game is based around selling blues/yellows to npcs and that salvaging these for mats instead cuts into gold farming.

Often I find that I really don't mind gambling for items, I know that the rolls are going to be bad and the chances of something good aren't great. But it becomes a problem when I have to farm twice(once for the gold, once for the mats)as long to do the crafting.

So i thought about it, and what about along with items being salvage able having crafting mats also drop from monsters. The mats could be picked up like gold, and they could even create a separate inventory, or even a pouch just for crafting mats. Maybe make it unlockable for a small amount of gold.