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I have a decent cold SOJ (9%Frenzy, 27% Bonus to Elites, 6% Cold Damage, 13 Fury) that I got for 25mil and I find it really useful. However, two of my barbarian friends have been sporting -4 HOTA Reduction Rings without cold damage and I am trying to decide if it is really worth losing cold damage for -4 Reduction. I realize the cost difference is massive after watching several HOTA rings on bid sell (at least 75 mil for 27 Bonus to Elites and -4 HOTA Reduction). My issue is whether it is truly worth it. I am a standard HOTA build that is using a fury generator. I realize that I could ditch Frenzy for Run Like the Wind for more damage like my friend, but I am concerned about the DPS loss from not having a cold ensnare with my ~19% fear proc rate on my Echoing Fury.
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Honestly I don't find Cold SoJ as useful for HoTA Barbs. However, as you mentioned... HoTA SoJ costs a lot more, so realistically I wouldn't think about it unless everything else is fully upgraded.
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Cold damage is tricky. It depends on your build. The reason why DTWW Barbarians get a Cold SoJ is because of it's AoE utility. That kind AoE variant is a tremendously synergetic utility for those who XP farm or use an EF in the mainhand.

I recommend trying out the DTWW with one skill key for HoTA. You can sweep through mobs and use HoTA for Elites. It's a lot of fuN!
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I wouldn't use an EF in my mainhand without either a cold SoJ or a freeze-equipped follower, preferably both. That said, -4/-5 to HotA makes a tremendous difference in actual DPS, as you no longer need to use frenzy or bash with Animosity. Continuous HotA hits much harder than HotA alternated with frenzy or bash to refresh fury. I'd still probably skip it if I were you. Fury management with dual-wield HotA isn't too bad. Also agree with acrimony's suggestion to run dtww with HotA.
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what is DT in DTWW?
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DT stands for Double Tornado or the actual skill/rune combination Spring->Run Like the Wind. I certainly find that to be superior to Warcry if I am farming at any MP, but collapses when doing MP10 with a four person team since the entire party typically wants a global buff. I like Rend->Blood Lust as a DOT skill that I can use as a life boat to tank. I might switch out Animosity and go for Bloodlust and see if I can drop it in favor of HOTA but I doubt it.
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