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Remade my Meteor Build

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hey guys,

some of you may know that I've been a huge advocate for LL and Meteor based builds since 1.03. I went thru an eye opening experience of Meteor Reduction Gear using Emporer's RM build and have only recently ended up back at my LL powered Meteor build (modified from what it used to be, of course.)

For anyone interested, I'd like to share some of the changes I've made and how effective it's been.

Firstly, I purchased a cheap dagger with 1050 dmg, 10% IAS, and 2.6% LS for only 2m last night to test some IAS gears. I swapped my 4.0 CC/43 CD Ring and my 7.5CC/90%CD Amulet for a 5CC/9IAS Ring and a 6CC/9IAS Amulet.
This put me up to 2.24 APS 45% CC and 208% CD. I took a huge hit in the CD department because my former wand prior 1.4APS with 165% CD on it. My sheet dps stayed about the same. It was great using Stretch Time in conjunction with LL & fastcast Meteors. My AP Globe was filled, depleted, and filled again all before my first Little Lightning Man was even done proc-ing.

Realizing this build had some serious potential (even though I already knew that ;P) I knew I needed more everything -- damage & resistance, in short. I was tired of seeing such little performance from my Nat's boots, and with my new Black Damage Dagger I wanted to reap the benefits of Zuni Boots. So i bought an economy pair for a few million. I'm very proud of that purchase cuz they have a ton of eHP considering they are AR'less. The AR I lost from my 2 Piece set was made up for in the net gain of ~200 Intell + ~60 AR from Zuni Ring. However, 37.5% CC wasn't cutting it.

I bought an acceptable 5CC Storm Crow for ~25m. This netted me another 8k DPS but I lost ~75 AR D: ... somethig must be done, i thought. THats when I notcied my old Zuni Body getting dusty in my stash. So I swapped my gems, put it on, and only lost 7.5k DPS. However, it put me over 60% DR and 1.2k Life Regen (i think life regen is highly undervalued in eHP calculators.)

So I really liked this build so I bought a nicer dagger with OS for a steal of 10m (late night AH runs ;0).

End of the day i sit at...
120k dps unbuffed (working on it, boys)
46xx armour
32k Life
666 Resist All (spooky, i know! Looking for a 6CC/9IAS Ring with 50AR and 75 Intell :D)
378% Crit Dmg (sold my 100% Emerald to helm fund the purchases xD)
1.95 APS (6/9 ring will put me to 2.1)
1k LPS
875 LoH
and a cool mp7 Viable Wizzy

Things are coming along with this Meteor Wizzy, just need that 1.0.7 to roll around now!

any suggestions anyone has (besides trifect tals amy=_=) would be much appreciated :D . 125k is still the goal, but im super close and can probably get 5k from new ring, however another 25k to reach my next mile stone of 150k is still bewildering me...any suggestions are much appreciated :D
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I'd go to archon and LL refresh since you have the iAS now.

dump blizzard until 107.

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I ran that build at 2.73 and 3.03

solid damage and great control, but had trouble surviving at mp8, since it needs alot of ias and crit to be effective.
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I would really like to get to the 2.5 marker but most trifect gloves in my price range are actually a DPS LIFE and PROTECTION decrease from the 8%CC/33%CD gloves im currently wearing...good trifect gear is just too expensive :(
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How about considering giving up the BT pants and go with a high int (150+), 2 socket, +vit, +AR new set of pants? With the 250+ int vs the 99 int you got currently, could be a significant gain in dps.. (although would have to use calculator to know for sure.. i'm just guessing) some loss in your life% and LOH, but may be able to compensate still given LOH already in stormcrow

You can also make up a little more dps and make up the life% in the boots (with 8% poison, and more vit)

Actually, I plugged it into the calculator for you (may be off a bit, but close enough)

Assuming: 600 armor pants, 158 int, +50*2 gems, +100 vit, +65 AR rare pants
And then 8% Zuni boots, 170 int, 150 vit

You gain about 9k DPS, and maintain about +7k ehp overall
Just gotta go find some now :)
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booger tyvm for doing the leg work for me :) i definitely gotta try that.

LoH is key to my self healing when I wind up my LL's, but I'm looking to replace my neckpiece and ring so those are places I could make up for it, say 200 on each. As for the 8% boots, that was an orginial requirement for my zuni boot search but when I saw how much mitigation the pair i got offered with out breaking the bank with the AR stat on it I couldnt turn it down. Looks like farming is the next step...trying to not buy any gold again! so tempting sometimes though...
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btw booger, what calculator did you use? thanks :)
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Booger great advice on the pants!! Got pretty much exactly what you said, made up for the LoH in a nice AR Unity. Bumped me up like 10k dps and 100 AR as well as armour. Sitting at an all time high 155k DPS Buffed (electrify and time bubble) now i just need a BOA BIS Neckpiece, 1.0.7 here i come!
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