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Gearing up on a budget

Hey guys
I've been farming act 3 mp 1 and 2 for awhile now and I've managed to scrape up 75m between AH and gold. I was wondering if anybody could give me any pointers as to which one of my items I can upgrade that may increase my efficiency a great deal for that budget. Thanks!
P.S. don't mind the hellfire ring. I have another ring 6cc 75 dex 34 cd that I use for more damage
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None of your gear is all that bad. Just need some tweaks.

Your weapon is killing you right now. A single socket 1300+ manticore can be had cheap and will boost you up a ton. A dual socket 1100 dps would be a big difference too.

Other than that, if you are gonna add attack speed you need it in more places.

Average damage.... try finding similar jewelry to what you have but with average damage, have average damage be the first search criteria and try to get highest value you can while maintaining your current stats.

I know it's general information, but definitely useful
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A 2 piece nats set will give you an additional 7% CC

Upgrading both your weapon gems to Radiant Star

Either one will give you a 10k+ DPS advantage.

Improving your Manticore can give you a 15k+ DPS
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In terms of bang for your buck, the biggest benefit might actually come from replacing your Strongarms with Lacunis.

Normally, I wouldn't recommend that (in fact, I just recommended the opposite to someone else!), but in your case, you don't have any +movement speed items at all. The speed bonus is noticeable, AND you'll get an IAS bonus as well.
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my plan for you would be as follows:

Get some Inna's Temperance legs. They're just TOO OP to pass up. You'll lose some res and vitality, but the DPS bonus is considerable with a nice set of 150 Dex 9% IAS Temperance legs.

Then swap out your Chest for a comparable Nat's Embrace and get some mid-grade Bloody Footprints to round out your 7% CC bonus. I believe you can do all of this with your 75M budget. You should see an overall increase in your DPS (should be dramatic), and you might even end up with a really nice skill bonus if you shop carefully for your chest. you will lose some EHP out of it, but use a spreadsheet first to figure out whether or not you feel that it's a worth-while adjustment for you.
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I'm looking for a good inna temp and a natalya bloody foorprint/embrace as we speak
As for the weapon, is the +200 min/max wep damage > 70% cd?
I was actually looking for jewelry with avg damage for my monk yesterdayt, but thank you for the reminder lol :)
Lacuni bracers? I lose quite a bit of life with that (I would guess 40 vit with 8%) for atk speed. I"m taking mad hits on vit with the loss of my pants and boots (about 220 total), but I'll def look into the lacuni bracers too.
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The two biggest problems I see in your gear:

1. No movespeed.
2. You rely too much on the vit on your weapon.

I'm not a big fan of vit on weapons because it really restricts your upgrade choices. IMO if you have vit on a weapon it should be a bonus, not an integral part of your gear. 18% of your total vit is from your weapon, thats a bit much for my taste.

If you want to try something other than cookie cutter Nat's/Innas that everyone else uses (yes I'm guilty of this).

Get vile wards with vit - 3-5 mill
Get Tyraels Might. Theres a really decent one with 178 dex/186 vit on the AH right now for only 6 mill
Switch to Innas Pants with vit 12-15 mill

Then spend the rest on a bow upgrade.

The armor changes will help you rely less on the vit off your weapon and give you 24% move speed.
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Yea the vit was just a nice little bonus to me because a fellow DH sold it to me for 10m. It was a kind offer so i took him up on it. Well I changed some stuff around and ended up spending 35m. All in all, the changes were:
128k dps -> 143k dps
All res 370 -> 300
Life 52.5k -> 30k
I'm going to go ammy hunting hopefully to boost up my vit a bit more because I prefer 35k health at minmum. Any opinions?
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ack, sorry i just noticed your ammy has 120 vit on it. the 30 vit may not be a big enough enticement for you. :-(
Edited by Oscar#1292 on 2/7/2013 6:02 PM PST
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Yea i just bought it. I needed to up my health
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Using calamity has high enough of AS , your ring could get more dex and avg dmg
just my 2cents
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All opinions are appreciated. Should i just go for cc >5, dex and avg damage? And cut out cd?
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