Diablo® III

Monk changes in Dire need

Currently Monks have worst diversity and passives skill and not to mention the worst energy pool recovery. If a monk goes super tanky he can not farm well or do any damage. Glass cannon he can not survive higher mp levels, nor in pvp matchs.

Here are some suggestions.

Seize the Initiative
Increase it by 50% to 75%
They had nerf this skill a bit too much.

Sixth Sense
Change it 30% to 50% dodge chance is increased by an amount equal to 50% your Critical Hit Chance. OR better yet change it were each time you dodge you regenerate 4-6 spirit energy.

Exalted Soul
I honestly believe the spirit regen needs to get buffed. or use the (each time you dodge you regenerate 4-6 spirit energy) Idea.

Combination Strike
Allows to wield Daibo with one-hand along with a shield.

This skill should work on pvp affects as well like rend, bleed, haunt and other charm effects.

Dashing Strike
Quickly dash at the targeted enemy or location, striking for 160% weapon damage and rooting the target for 1 second. This skill SHOULD dash to the target "location" as it stated. NOT a 1 yard dash.

Chant of Resonance
While one of your Mantras is active you gain 2 Spirit every second. Instead of 2 spirit per second. Decrease all spirit cost skills by 25%-30%.

Another thing is that all healing spells SHOULD gain the " Health and Globe gain from armor"

if you guys have any Ideas post them up. MONKS NEED SOME LOVIN
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01/31/2013 09:21 AMPosted by lSeraphiml
If a monk goes super tanky he can not farm well or do any damage.

LoL wut?

I'd like you to explain why you think this is true.
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Looks like we are thinking along the same lines.

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Lmao look at his gear and it explains the post.
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I like your ideas bar the Combination Strike suggestion.
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