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Itemization suggestion, please read!

Suggestion for itemazation

I was thinking about a way for us players to improve the itemization by creating two new reagent items

Lets call it "Heaven's favor" and "Hell's dice".

The "Heaven's favor" would have the capability to lock one of the rolled stats on a certain item.

Let's say you found an amulet with 10% CC but all other stats are bad, or don't fit to
your class or spec. You could choose from the stats and lock the 10% CC to it.

Once you get the "Heaven's favor" you would then have to bring to Tyrael and he would bless
the amulet locking the disired stat.

The "Hell's dice" would complement the "Heaven's favor" by rerolling all stats except for the
stat or stats that are locked. It would be a fun way to gamble with a little safety and a very nice gold sink.

Let's say that it requires 1 "HF" to lock one stat in a certain item, 10 HF to lock a second stat
50 to lock a third stat. Also if it is a legendary the cost could be increased per lock.

"Heaven's favor" could be a drop and have a small chance to be found once you salvage a legendary item. Also it could be sold in the AH.

"Hell's dice" could be bought from a vendor and then you would have to find one of those ritual circles on the ground and throw the dice by right clicking on the "HD" and the amulet (just a crazy idea =P).

Now you have a new amulet, with the 10% CC and other stats that can be better or worse.

This way you could work on an item to upgrade it, it could be a good end game option since the players could keep upgrading their characters even after PL100 and not only depending on item drops and crazy perfect rolls.

I don't know if anyone else came with this idea already but in my opinion it would be very nice and it would make me play the game much more.

The item wouldn't be account bound after the reroll, so people could work on items to sell on the AH.

Also items with crazy "one good stat" rolls but bad overall stats (like the amulet example) could be sold, since someone would be interested in working on it and would be willing to spend gold on it.

What do you guys think?
Ideas and suggestions are welcome!
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I forgot that it would also benefit players who can't pay 100 million gold on AH items just to get the next upgrade.
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Making gear cheaper is not the answer.

Remember that every RMAH transaction makes blizz more money, so anything that increases or maintains the volume of max-value transactions is going to be implemented, and anything that decreases that volume will be avoided like the plague.
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If we think it that way the game is never going to be better.

I'm not saying it would be easy to craft the item, it would still be faster to simply buy one from the AH. Instead there would be an alternative route for the players to make a good item and improve their chars.
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This is one of the better and more interesting suggestion I've read. I like the idea and it would fit well within the game as it is now. Add in the ability to socket items that have a chance to have a socket and it could revitalize character progression without requiring any crazy reworking to current game mechanics.
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...Or how about just locking getting the perfered state on the item.
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there could be like a cap, you can only lock up to 3 stats on legendaries and 5 on rares

I think the impact on the actual game mechanics would be minimal like GeorgAnatoly said, and would keep players playing, which is the most important thing if you want to profit from a game like Blizzard wants to while improving game experience.
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Doesnt have much to do with itemization but

Not a bad idea at all, could be a huge goldsink, like the first "reroll" 50k gold, then double it 100k 200k 400k 800k 1.6mil 3.2mil 6.4mil etc etc.

Ppl would rage on waste much gold when get only bad item, but its a good sink.

We need things like that, not just 1.

Used to gamble few things in D2 like
re-roll stats with item+gems in cube (skillers!)
try to get good rolled runewords

thats it i guess, it wasnt much, but it was fun and some ppl did this day by day...

What we have in d3? Nothing, just a broken crafting system, no more no less.
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I agree with you regarding the new affixes, and It would make my idea even more fun!

The possibilities would increase a lot, and also would be harder to find that single stat that you want, thus the excitement of rolling it in your gear and being able to eventually progress to the next most wanted stat would be higher.

Of course it would get more expensive and would require more work to progress to the next stat locking

Also the implementation of new affixes wouldn't impact on the existing model of rerolling items.

ps: english is not my native language, I'm sorry if eventually I miss spell something
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01/31/2013 11:15 AMPosted by Garthandal
This is a neat idea but it does not fix itemization. We need interesting/innovative affixes that can compete with mainstat vit ar cc cd ias. If not loot will continue to be boring and everyone will be after the same ol' same ol'.

I don't think requests like this are realistic. You're asking for a complete redesign and rebalancing of how the items work. Even then it wouldn't fix the broken nature in how we get items. The way items work now in terms of how the affixes function are fine. We need more control over character progression without breaking balance or asking for unrealistic game changes.
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I love the idea. Crafting items needs to be improved in any way possible. I wonder if Blizzard thinks this is a bad idea for fear of users hanging on to items and trying to improve them, instead of buying new ones from the auction house?? They are evil you know!
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01/31/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Garthandal
There is nothing wrong with how we get items.

I couldn't disagree more. Take the Hellfire ring for example. This is the most tedious thing in the world and the chances of it being good are discouragingly low. The only way to progress in this game right now it to play the AH, buy gold, or get really lucky enough times to buy meaningful upgrades from the AH (that is to say; playing an inordinate amount hours for any upgrades). I do agree itemization is boring and I would like to see more variance in affixes and how they work and how they work off each other but if we don't increase to some degree the control we have over character progression the purely random and tedious nature of the current model will always feel discouraging.
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01/31/2013 11:32 AMPosted by BrokenSword
I love the idea. Crafting items needs to be improved in any way possible. I wonder if Blizzard thinks this is a bad idea for fear of users hanging on to items and trying to improve them, instead of buying new ones from the auction house?? They are evil you know!

I don't think it would hurt Blizzard's business, what hurts them is the exodus of players, also it would be an alternative route to get items, the AH wouldn't be affected, just the enjoyment of the players that would actually see some progress towards better items in a slower but fun manner
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01/31/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Garthandal
Actually you are doing better than most forum posters.

Thank you!
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Actually if you think about it my idea would make the Auction house much more active

Imagine players buying and selling "Heaven's favor".

The farmers would benefit by getting the profit for their selling, blizzard would benefit by getting its share (15% of the gold transactioned and money).

So the player who bought it with money or gold locks his ability and starts spending gold to buy "Hell's dices" for new rolls.
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I think this is a good idea... one an item has been rerolled, it should be account-bound.
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