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Random Acts of Kindness

I decided to make this thread because of someone who randomly helped me today. I couldn't really express my gratitude in game so I'd like to express it here. If any of you guys have had the same experience and feel the same way, you can post those experiences here as well.

Here's mine:
Today, I asked in general and trade chat if I could get a run through Whimsyshire. I was flooded with messages saying that they would do it for fees of 50k-100k. Then someone offered to run me through it for free. Let's call this person "A".

"A" invited me to his party and ran me through Whimsyshire, then asked me if I wanted a run through the last part of Act III so I could level up. I told him that he really didn't have to do it but he just seemed so dedicated to helping me. He invited me to another party and ran me through Act III, but it was on the wrong difficulty so I didn't receive any xp. He realized this after we finished, and said he would run me through it again on the correct difficulty. Again I said that he had done enough for me, but he insisted on running through it again.

I leveled up quite a bit, and "A" said that he had enough time to one more run. I figured that there was no point in refusing, and I leveled up another 2 or 3 levels. When it was finally time for him to go, I asked him if he wanted any payment for everything he did for me. He said no, and even told me to keep the XP boosting helmet he gave me before the run. Before he left, I thanked him, wondering why he did all of this and spent more than 30 minutes of his time helping a stranger. His response was something along the lines of "It isn't hard (to help another person). When you see someone that needs a favor, a little help goes a long way :)".

I couldn't thank you enough in-game, "A", so I'd like to thank you here. I don't know why you did all of this for me, but I'm grateful and you are truly one of the nicest players, if not the nicest, I've ever seen. Thank you.
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+rep for nice people :)
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Thanks for restoring an ounce of my faith in humanity.
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I also have a fare share of some random kindness from strangers. So I told myself I'll be doing the same someday.
Last week I was kinda bored. So I did some checking on my stash and completed tab on AH. And boy I had a lot of stuff just rotting on storage. I also have 5 extra heroes as stash and all full as well. So I went in public game rampage. I was surprised that there are tons of players who has no lvl60 players yet. I checked the profiles each time I join. So I became a Diablo 3 santa clause that day lolz it was really fun. Most asked me why I did that. I simply answered " I just did the same thing someone did to me.
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"Diablo 3 santa clause"

that is an epic qoute
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Good deeds are good.
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