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Name 1 Thing D3 Did Right


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I have fun playing it
Eliminating realm downs.
Only post 1 thing.

i'll start it off by saying

Health Globes

I HATE this feature.
What did Diablo 3 do right? it successfully delivered a dumbed-down arpg experience
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I'm honestly stumped on what to say.
The FMV between acts 1 and 2 is awesome.
well they used correct spelling in the name i guess. lol..... :)
Each player having his own loot while playing in a party.

Rest pretty is pretty much lame.
i think D3 did more things right than wrong. I fully believe that the vocal D2 fanatics would have been just as dissapointed with D3 had it been a copy and paste of D2.

The combat of this game is lightyears ahead of its competition. Playing POE really highlights how good D3's combat it, as that game is completely lacking in that department.

I like the rune system. Its quick, it encourges experementing, and slight changes completely change gameplay mechanics.

I like the AH, i remember the mess of D2 and its 3rd party RMAH vendors. This system puts the profit back in the players pockets, while adding revenue to the game at no expense to the average player. This is good. As is the gold AH and gold drop systems. It makes picking gold up easy and worthwhile. Also its quite fun to shop the AH.

Multiplayer: This game does multiplayer so right that its not even funny. Its easy to jump in and out of games, loot isnt shared, mobs scale nicely to larger groups. The banner system works well. It just makes the game that much more fun.

The world: world details are deep, theres tons of stuff to break and interact with. The look is a bit cartoony but preforms well on average systems while still being incredibly detailed and interactable. Do want more variety however.

Finally the wonderful physics engine. This adds so much to both combat and the worlds interactible objects,

I see a lot of people in this thread who are beyond the point of no return, meaning, it doesnt matter, they will hate on the game no matter what, and will continue to hate on it. Its quite interesting that their emotional response has made another, far inferior game, realtivly popular, simply based on artwork, lack of an AH, and a passive skill tree with 1300 filler stat boosts and a handful of game changing skills that make no sense to even use.
The combat is nice. Smooth and brutal... even satisfying sometimes.
Balance between all 5 classes
I like random events (we should have more imo) ;p
Okay okay on a serious note, umm... hmm... i guess the graphics are kinda cool.. yea probably that.. gg bliz..
Fallen Maniacs
Including pinup ladies on load-up screen

Edit: That actually appears to be my screensaver. I would have to go with really bright colors.
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health globes suck. fail thread.
Being a mirror of the gamer communities dumbness, inattentiveness and lacking criticism and objectiveness...

Ups, too much, pick 1
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