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Name 1 Thing D3 Did Right


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02/02/2013 12:07 PMPosted by MarV

They kept the amazing runewords from D2.
Oh wait..
Not having to constantly pick up arrows/bolts as a bow/xbow wielding character.
Game Graphics are hardcore badass, loving it.
02/02/2013 12:06 PMPosted by VinnyI
Auto gold pickup

The one and only thing.
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Improved combat.
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Simplified the game so that mindless zombies can play it
02/02/2013 01:54 PMPosted by Drothvader
Improved combat.

Indeed. The combat is immensely smoother in Diablo 3 than it ever was in Diablo 2. Less depth, but far more fluid and intuitive. Not to mention a better UI - not by a lot, but enough to make the physical part of playing enjoyable.

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They really did well with hype.
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02/02/2013 02:52 PMPosted by Crakin
They really did well with hype.

02/02/2013 02:50 PMPosted by TheTias
The combat is immensely smoother in Diablo 3 than it ever was in Diablo 2.

You mean the hitboxes, the rubberbanding or the hit-on-animation thing?
reflect damage
Jay Wilson got sacked/removed/moved out D3
The combat system is awesome.
forum raiding.
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Armor dyes
they doubled it
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