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Name 1 Thing D3 Did Right


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the 30 second diablo theme. That is it.
treasure goblins are a clever idea . . . which falls flat when you realize they drop boring garbage, just like everything else.
The skill system.
name of the game
I would post "Graphics", but just because the modeling has improved doesn't mean the atmosphere has.

The Diablo franchise feels like the polar opposite of the Batman movies. The earlier 80s and 90s Batman movies were such a joke and Nolan's reboot is the greatest super hero franchise of all time (Partly because he set out with a goal of making a much darker super hero movie). The 2nd film especially is so dark for a PG-13 super hero block buster and the characters are so well developed and authentic it doesn't even feel like a comic book movie.

Where Diablo 1 started out dark as The Dark Knight and has drifted towards Batman and Robin.
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Mini Map
I don't know if this has been said yet, but: not losing experience when you die.
Made me like PoE that much more.

I hope it expands to other video games and becomes the norm in the video gaming industry...
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Auto gold pickup

I took about a month off and played TL2 and POE, and upon coming back to D3...I'm actually very impressed. The combat is actually fun compared to both TL2 and POE. I do think the POE passive system was pretty cool, though I hated the skill gems. TL2 is fun as a minor distraction, but good stuff drops so much that I don't really feel that happy about getting it anymore.
The Cutscenes at the beginning of each act are beautiful
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