Diablo® III

Requesting gear advice.

I'm sitting at 131k dps base, 667AR, 38khp, and having trouble deciding what to get next.

I have about 100m to spend, and besides my weapons that obviously would be the best thing to upgrade first.. I'd like to someday get to 200k base dps, but keep my survivability (700+ resists).

Also, I farm mp7 without any deaths (unless lag of course), but I'd like to be farming mp8 at this point
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buy some of my gear?
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How much have you got to spend first?

Unless you have massive amounts of gold, you cant keep that level of resist and still hope for a DPS increase, as it isnt realistic. To get to high levels of DPS you gotta have some pretty strong offensive gear, trifecta jewelry (including avg dmg), basically rings and amulet like mine, Inna's pants, etc.

Like I said in the other post, you cannot compare 1 gear with 1 gear and say it is a DPS downgrade, for example, Inna's pants like mine will be a slight DPS downgrade for you because you have a massive 266 Dex on yours. But in the long run, dex and only get you so far, around 2400 dex is fine enough, you need CC CD IAS etc.

I would suggest you drop your Shenlong glove for a good EF with high stats, and if you find yourself with too little sustain, get a double sustain OH like mine (lower DPS if you cant afford a 1k DPS one.), that would surely bump you up to 145k DPS or more easily.

The rest is about getting better versions of your current gear, ammy with similiar but higher stats, Nats ring with avg dmg+CC, bracers with higher stats and similiar resist. All those wont be cheap, and can go up to 300M++ especially for jewelry. My ammy for example was 600M, and it was considered a good buy.

Reaching 150k DPS is still within reasonable budget, breaking that gets expensive exponentially.
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I am also trying to get up towards 200k, can you see anything imparticular that i can do to get there?
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