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First off thank you for reading this ... I really do enjoy the diablo franchise and as you see throughout the fourms everyone's opinion on diablo 3 obviously there's more than just me that love the diablo franchise but are disappointed at the result of diablo 3 ... its almost a year now that diablo 3 will be out and the only changes you have made to improve the game are paragon and dueling (epic fail) there's no point to the dueling as of yet ... i don't see how its too hard to just create some items that you get in regards to it to build yourself better just create something duh ... anyway the whole itemization situation i really feel the way to better this is make use of all drops that have stats on them what ever they are by creating a bank of sorts via the blacksmith instead of vendoring them and in this bank at the blacksmith the items are able to be "disenchanted" into pools within the bank towards the specs that are already on the item ... then you would be able to use these pools to craft an item and be able to control to an extent what goes on it ... this solves crafting and the fact that most items are left on the ground ... also there should be some sort of endless dungeon addition ... diablo 3 has the same content and really about 4 hours you can fly threw the game and never see anything new from there forward ... if there was an endless dungeon this a lone could scale in difficulty and rewards that would show a challenge still ... i no im not paragon 100 yet its mainly because i have actually reverted back to wow instead of diablo 3 ,,,, i want to come back to diablo and play ... i want to be able to craft my stuff and utilize the items that drop not just let them sit there and weep .. i think this would improve the moral around diablo ... since 99% of the drops are junk anyway and everyone would agree with me to be able to put them to use in this way would be great for the situation its currently at ... ive made a couple post but not much response so i thought id do it in general discussion more peeps might see and give their opinion ... thank you once again
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