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not a reflect damage QQ

as title stats this is not a QQ thread about RD more of an observation from a monk using SW. ive always made sure i have enough sustain so i havent been killed by RD since the early days of 1.01 1.02. so to the point of the story.......

ive always used cyclones on my monk until recently i switched to master of wind to keep the spirit pool intact while farming mp0-1. i never noticed this until i switched to this rune but id assume its always been like this. wondering if any other monks noticed this aswell.

when using master of wind and probably the other SW runes (besides cyclone and possibly cyclone) havent tested thoroughly, i noticed that if i stand next to a single RD mob and dont attack but let SW hit constantly, SW ticks approx 1-2 times per rotation. but, (i like to watch damage numbers to myself and enemies so i have that turned on) i noticed continuous red numbers above my head as SW rotates, to throw a number out there id say 15-20 RD ticks to myself per rotation, even though its only showing 1-2 damage ticks being done to the enemy per rotation.

anyone else notice this? i wonder if its a bug or its divided my entire damage from the ticks into smaller RD ticks.
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Actually, here's how it works:

You give damage via a skill on a reflect damage pack. The first calculation is the damage given from your character to the monsters. The second calculation is the reflected damage taken (it's roughly 10% of your damage). Depending on how often you are doing damage, the damage taken numbers will reflect the number of times you have some sort of DoT or AoE skill ticking away.

The third and final calculation that I know shows up twice per second is the life-returned number. This mechanics shows up in half-second increments. So if you do 1,000 life regenerated per second, and without any leech, you will see 500 life per half second above your character.

Hopefully this basic summary helps!
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02/05/2013 11:26 AMPosted by acrimonious
damage taken numbers will reflect the number of times you have some sort of DoT or AoE skill ticking away

Skills like Blizzard, Sweeping Wind, Rain of Toads, or skills that deal "x over y" tick twice per second, but hits plenty of times more (If you see the monster's HP, you'll see it continually draining, not dealing the damage of your ticks, but of a DoT). Since these skills hit more than the ticks you see, that's why you see more damage being reflected.
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