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Name 1 thing D3 did wrong


Such a small word but describes something so vast in coding that will require a ton of time and money to fix. I believe they have like 1-5 people tops here doing patches now? Most game devs release a patch every month or two, Blizzard takes half a year or more. GL with that. Nothing much is gonna change until expansion.
The whole concept of this game is wrong. its not a Diablo Arpg..
Lack of interesting events
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Game design.
Critical chance can happen at any situation. Critical mean big damages too, EVERY ONE need it. So there is no limit to make it happen.
Killing enemy can't happen at boss. So limited.
Getting health globe is limited by situation. Player need some special build if you want to keep getting buff/heal from it. Really limits you in game play and skill build and item build.

Everything about CC is op, cause it's happens anyway. None CC involved skills limits you so much, cause you really need to build around it.
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Lack Of Content and..... Everything else
No customization in skills, equipment, or cosmetic features
Dead Cain T_T
One thing they did wrong? They whispered "PVP" and the children rejoiced. When PVP wasn't included at launch, those children threw tantrums.

Of all of the things that were needed for this game, PVP should have been just about the very last thing on the list.
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One thing D3 did wrong. Release in it's current state.
Lot of things already said, so...

No randomized maps layout to speak of...
they made the game casual.
Its a long way down the list but no identify all.

Blizzard claiming its so you feel like your opening a pressent. Since 99% of items are vendored... worst christmas over and aver again
still beta
no skill tree. tell us that we can play our class any way we want. ok, how many of us have tried running around inferno using different specs. theres only 1 or 2 specs that will work. so a good 85% of the current trees are totaly useless. i can think of d2 sorc right now. just to start you had a base 3 specs. fire, cold, light. and then alteast 2 or 3 of each. you got a cm wizard or archon wizard. nothing else works. EXPLAIN yourself blizzard
Making the game too easy.
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