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Name 1 thing D3 did wrong

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02/03/2013 04:40 PMPosted by Asbestos
Not being able to dye legendary items (I know they are working on it) everyone wants the best gear but all our heroes look identical should have been implemented from the start

Could you dye them in D2:LOD!?

ctrl-C ctrl-V another thread title, change one word, and expect similar attention?
- btw something d3 did wrong is no death penalty at all.

Well, getting to 99 in diablo II is something I never achieved, so I will argue that that was part of completing that game. Diablo III doesn't really start until you hit level 60, so any penalty is gonna seem a bit harsh.
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Such a small word but describes something so vast in coding that will require a ton of time and money to fix.

It actually is an easy fix, that wouldn't require much coding time, but more time to actually balance the change.

In simple terms the fix would be to set and raise MINIMUM levels for each ilvl of gear. I can't think of anything more infuriating right now, than to get ilvl 63 items that are rolling ilvl 50 stats because they didn't set a minimum value for the rolls based on ilvl.

It was bad enough when you'd get low level gear in inferno (which required level 60 to enter), and it continues to boggle the mind as to why they haven't implemented minimum rolls per ilvl!!!
No game lobby with features such as creating custom games etc.......
no id all
Removed runestones.
taking a template like D2 and just ignoring EVERYTHING that players liked. Game should have blowed D2 away, instead it doesn't compare. Thats just dumb after this many years.
cain died
No Custom Games

Can't name one <-- (One that is oh so many)
the game world, its not even close to random enough.
Encouraging (shoving down everyone's throats) AH usage through obscenely randomized loot with no trait of smart design behind it....
many many many things

one thing? ok: removing entirely the enjoyment of building character with unique skill build while slow leveling up and letting item finding to be the only purpose of the game (add to that items are boring 99,99% of the time and is almost absolutly nothing you can do if you want to modify them)
Bad things;
- re-playability
- game is to short!!!! (expansion should have 2 acts like 3&4 in D3!)
- AH for money
- itemization (legendary items)
- PvP (########!!!)
- story line
- music (is good but compared to D2 it's not a progress)
- graphic design, D3 really need some dark areas maybe Dreadlands?
- Cain is dead ok, bring back Abd Al Hazir, were he go? You are keeping him in Guanta...?
- Paragon levels (you made them only to give people something to do... "something")
- slow reaction for community suggestions (and it is not about that you should do everything people are saying..),
- developers are to cautious, it concerns whole developing process before realising the game and now, when it comes to implementation of improvements
- our builds means nothing without equipment! The argument you are still using: "variety of builds" is shallow and stupid (sorry).
to be continued...
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Extremely restrictive, unimaginative itemization.

But for that the game is very good, unfortunately I don't know how you fix itemization without starting over.
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