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How to make new upcoming bosses more interesting

Would be great if new bosses in the future was given more phases to make it more difficult and interesting. Like Diablo have 3 phases, it would add more depth and strategy if there are like 4 to 5 phases, the last phases is ofc the most difficult. I like it when fighting Belial and Diablo that the environment changes in the middle of the fight. It would be awesome in a boss fight starting for example in the jungle and then ending up fighting in the depths of hell with elites and hordes of demons coming wildly at you. Things like this! What you guys think?
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Give us the "old" Diablo like bosses. If I would enjoy those "we need 30 min to kill 1 boss" instances I would actually play MMORPGSGRGHCSA.
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when i first see Diablo becoming the prime evil the sum of all evils i expected to see a multiphase fight each phase themed around 1 or 2 evils with abilities from those evils but what we got was only a Diablo themed phase with only Diablo's spells

to make bosses interesting all they need to do is make them worth killing because no matter how awesome the fight is if the boss drop is not considerably higher than a random elite/champion ppl would not waste time farming them
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Maybe something along the lines of WoW where certain bosses would take 5 to 10 players to kill. Maybe not exactly like that but something that gets you excited or even a little nervous to go and kill.
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Well Blizzard likes implementing things that are realtively easy to patch in, so how about bosses spawn champion and elite packs every Xseconds.

I got the idea from Nef in WoW (Vanilla), when he would spawn random color Brood Lords and whelps. Every time you would do a boss in Diablo 3 it would be a totally different fight.
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I wish people would actually suggest things that go AWAY from WoW ...
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