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Item Dupes in AH? Fix Anytime Soon?

02/05/2013 02:03 AMPosted by dawgiestyle
Another mis-direct again?

Stop huffing paint, its bad for you.
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If someone would show me a quick way I can link my completed tab:

It will show the same stat lacunis (Dex 26 Vit 46 AR 78 1210dmg 6cc) being outbid on these dates:

January 28th, February 2nd & February 3rd and there is one auction still going that ends in 10 hrs for the same stat lacuni.

As I said, I believe the duper got them during the auction in January (about 1 week ago)

Please some more re-direct... please tell me Im lying now?
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You're not lying, you're just stupid. Like I said there are rollback dupes but they are so rare it doesn't affect the item price.

Show you a quick way to link? The fact that you don't know how to take a screenshot makes it easy to understand why you would think there is large scale duping.
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I haven't said anything about large scale duping. Only said there is a new dupe and it does exist based on my observations.
I need a host to link a screenshot and that is not what I asked. You keep talking like you know stuff but you dont.
Make more stuff up..please

You have not even read this thread or my posts based on your responses. So hush...nvm...you look really foolish defending this and can only put "trolling" as a motive at the moment.

This is a new dupe for Lacunis. This legit item I watched for one month because of my gold reserves were not sufficient. Then the item was put to public auction and strange things started to happen.
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02/05/2013 02:46 AMPosted by FromtheAshes
You're not lying, you're just stupid.
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Why does Tagg only posts in threads that FromTheAshes posts in? What is that?

Reset botter defending a duper...you think?

Most stupid people think the rest of the people are as stupid as they are....
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If dupes actually existed and destroyed the economy and because readily available item-wise....

Every Diablo 3 hater that points to Diablo 2 as a superior game will enjoy D3.
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If dupes actually existed and destroyed the economy and because readily available item-wise.....

I didn't believe it or I wasn't sure they existed until one week ago. But now, I am certain they exist. There are only a few things that are certain in this world....one is dupes are in D3.

Too be honest, if blizzard won't police it, it's good for everyone who just plays the game. Anytime the value of items that I seek decline is value, I see that as a good thing.

My motivation is to let people know that a new dupe exist. I know it is a dupe and I will keep trying to buy it for a reduce price cause its a DUPE silly.
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It is actually hard to clean.

Blue has explained this is due to display issue. What this means is, when they go to the database, they only see one and only one record of that item.

So, this means the presentation layer (or the logic that churning out the display) is flawed/having bugs.

So, to fix something at that level, you need to do some code review and identify the problem and find a solution to fix it. (Not all codes are clear cut is a bug because, by fixing it, it will breaks the original intention/requirement)

So, it takes time.

This may be true in many circumstances... ON the other hand

The fact remains there is a ton of duped items.... My bud bought two of the duped manticores a few weekends back, there was like 8 of them listed that day, he bought the cheepest two, and sold the second for tidy profit.

There was other instances where a duped item was listed multiple times, and posted about it here, where many forum participants were buying the Duped items up, until they were sold out. Unfortunately those threads were getting deleted at the time.
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Clearly enough there is a lack of transparency in this issue. Blizz is not going to address this issue. For what reason would they want to admit their mistakes.

02/04/2013 09:13 PMPosted by Glock
Has anyone ever proved that the "dupes" that show up on the AH are actual dupes? It could be an AH glitch where someone makes the same items show up multiple times.

Those items that you probably seen are not biddable. Those which u could buyout or bid are the real dupes.

Enough saying. There is no point spending real money on this game. Dupes have completely ruined the whole game. There is no real value in those items and every items now are worthless. Good luck to everyone.
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Those items that you probably seen are not biddable. Those which u could buyout or bid are the real dupes.

I have in my completed tab the same Lacunis being outbid on January 28, Feb 2, & Feb 3rd.
OUTBID on Same Stat Lacunis

That same Lacunis is up for auction again that ends in 6 or so hours. Today is Feb 5th.

How much more proof do I need?
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Everyone knows there are rollback dupes. Using rollback dupes as proof of more duping now is retarded. The AH is glitching. Take your stupid monkey hysteria elsewhere.



This guy's IQ is pretty high. Just take a look at his argument and be awed by all the high level, sound reasoning.
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tell me more of this display bug that prices duplicate items at different prices and allows you to purchase both display bug items. i'm very curious
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More info on the dupe Lacuni. The third copy was sold and the fourth copy is up for auction again. I am in bidding process again on this copy as I was OutBid again on the Same Lacunis that I have been bidding on since January 28th and today being February 5th.

Lacunis Dex 26, Vit 46, 78 AR, 1210 ad, 6cc

Evidence of indifference: non action by Blizzard
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Here is my forum entry on the day the duper bought and duped the item for the first time and put them up for sale.


I guess I can't really say Blizzard has NOT done a thing. Yesterday a person wanted to buy a 75 mil Zuni Pox but he told me he couldn't because the paypal was down so he couldn't buy any gold.

maybe their only counterdefense....
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