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Reasons why people are leaving?

02/07/2013 08:27 PMPosted by lXxTHEONExXl
How in the holy H3234l3k2lk FLying lfidu80838 is this thread not BANNED? While similar in posting, mine got banned almost w/in 5 minutes???? WTH/WTFFFFFFF did I miss or violate on the u8980239849023890 terms and 38938u policies???????

Judging from the quality of your post, it doesn't come as a surprise, and it was probably also for the better.
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02/07/2013 04:49 AMPosted by DaFemaleBoss
How attached are you to your D2 characters that are only a delete key from being erased. Make a mistake in spending points and presto character is deleted. Now players that want to make alts can do just that.

That just doesn't add up.

I say that the best way to have the majority of your characters where you can truly say that they have all self found gear is to work hard on one character and get that one's paragon level up good enough for the purposes of making him/her a farming character. Then the rest of your characters can be for fun. Just to kick around with, trying out extra builds. Going back through the leveling process just to see a build develop. You might even want to try out the lower level content with a new character when the game makes major changes to the lower levels of the game.

In WoW you would have players that would have alts for various purposes. On would be for raiding, another a bank alt, another a mule alt, another an auction house alt, etc... So why not do something similar here.

02/07/2013 04:29 AMPosted by hellsaura
2. Balancing the classes is something that will take a while to achieve. Anyone should know that, there is no magic wand that they can wave where it will instantly balance the classes. That sir is just impossible to accomplish.
the problem with this is that they are COMPLETELY un-balanced. you have monks dont even have the same NUMBER of passives as the others do. forget about what they are, simply less choices, regaurdless of what the choices are.

3. They are no doubt working on making more endgame content. What it will be is unknown for the moment.
like to assume do we? and you got one thing right, it will be unknown, probably even by them.. lol.

Blizz is the type of company that is never happy with their games. They keep making iterations (changes) to make them better. They also said that they are in this game for the long haul. Which means that they will be adding more content in as well. I say that they have to. They know this game needs more content. The dueling will help some, but it will not be enough. Hellfire, Paragon levels, and the high end recipes that are being added in the next patch will still not be enough.

That is logic and that is one of my strong points. I can tell when logic dictates a certain course of action. I just am not sure exactly what direction that the devs will take.
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People are leaving because Blizzard wants them to leave. Ideally everyone would buy the game and never play.
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02/06/2013 07:03 PMPosted by Osterus
Huge class imbalances - why can barbs roll extremely high main stat e.g. 90-100 vit on set items when other classes can only roll 30-100?

I was farming with less than 30k hp until like paragon 85 on my barb... the only reason i even have more now is because of blackthorns pants which is something all classes can benefit from.

The only reason barbarians have an easier time starting out is because the RTLW WW build involves being out of monsters melee range for 75% of the time youre attacking them which gives a sort of pseudo immortality if combined with cheap lifesteal off IK belt and a little life on hit.

The RTLW build provides a way to speed farm... if you take that build away everyone would be a tempest rush monk ....

Like an electron ... players also choose the path of least resistance ... which is why you see so many people playing a barbarian.

For less than 100k gold you can have 6% lifesteal on a barbarian.
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Bored and move to the next game
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1) I'm an Achievement Hunter, and they have FAILED to fix the 4 broken achievements. After 300 days. After this being reported consistently for at least the past 6 months. In fact, they've deleted the threads where people tell them that their achievements are broken. This isn't conspiracy theory, there are literally ZERO players with 100% Achievements because they can't fix the kinds of bugs I learned to fix in CS106A during Sophomore Year.

2) I'm yet to find an item that I want to build a character around. I've found items that I've saved for future leveling-up because they were pretty good relative to random finds, but never have I had that D2 feeling of "OMFG, this item would be the t*ts if I had a Fire Sorceress... wait... I... should... BUILD A FIRE MAGE!!". People complain various ways about itemization, but for me it's the fact that since there is ZERO character development, there's no point in re-rolling a character. Why would you start a character over once you've got all the leveling achievements? You've got an SC & HC character of each class... so... why rebuild a character? You can spend 20 seconds and turn your Fire-Barb into a Resist-All Barb...... Your end character == everyone else's end character. Forever.

Full Disclosure: I haven't quite quit yet. As angry as I am, my OCD demands that I get to 100% Achievements. Now read Point #1 and see why I'm still playing, still posting, and still ANGRY.
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1) Extremely linear play with VERY little variety and deviation
2) Expectation of repeating the above hundreds of times
3) Crafting system is all but meaningless to character progression
4) Item customization is too simplified; gems provide very little variety
5) Auction Hall pricing is insane...

After months of play my options have really come down to repeat the storyline ad nauseum solo, or repeat the game with others minus the story. I say minus the story, as one cannot really expect it, as multiplayer sessions are usually conducted as farming runs. Player X with uberized equipment drops in and proceeds to speed through. You can either try an keep up or simply follow an pick up whats left laying. Granted since there's no variation to the story it's hard to blame people for this playstyle. In the end the game becomes StuffHunt 3: The Auction Hall. Auction hall prices are astronomically inflated due to gold farming and sales. This game and it's backstory had room for SO much more scope. No open world, no chance of inclussion of previous visited sights? There is so much world hinted at, but one cannot see it. It's like a disney inspired adventure on rails.
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People leave for many different reasons. One of the main issues is people already beat the game in less then a week after release, and the game doesn't really have any sort of end-game content.

So aside from paragon levels (which paragon 1-100 only takes like 100-150ish hours) there's pretty much not much else to do aside from sell stuff on the RMAH.
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D3 is not fun. Plain and Simple. Why?

1. Character development taken out of players hands, completely.
2. Boring, linear game world
3. Boring itemization. Affix pool for magic and rares follow a boring, linear path.
4. Lack of item customization
5. Terrible crafting
6. Zero attachment to characters. Sorry, but ARPGs are all about building you character and finding great, interesting items. Somehow, Blizzard managed to suck the fun out of both.
7. AHs. Sorry, but they really are ruining the game. I have no interest in looting->selling->buying->repeat
8. The story was pretty terrible, really, it was. Not much can be done to change it now, so I won't harp on it.
9. And a bunch of other stuff...

D3 is the sequel to D2, one of the funnest games of all time, and the second sequel to maybe the greatest game of all time, D1. After an emergency patch job, D3 got an end game very similar to D2's, several months after launch. How pathetic is that? I was expecting a fun ARPG, what I got was quite possible, the worst ARPG i have ever played.

they killed Cain!!!! and make the majestic look of tyrael into pathetic looking human. they made a super annoying super mouthful bosses . specially diablo who always talks and talks and when you fight him its not even fun at all and not challenging. most interesting boss is belial. others are peice of crap .. who ever made or thinks of their mechanics are just terrible.

devillian's clone of azmodan seems better fight mechanics than ours.
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Every friend on my list has quit logging in. Only 8 months after launch, this is devestating to me, & kills my incentive to log in myself.
No way to customize items, no way to customize character = biggest reason.
gl hf
I just want a Diablo my friends won't hate.

all all my fiends are also not playing anymore. me also. im playing POE until expansion comes out which i think the only thing they can do to fix this. to introduce all the things that is fun in d2 to be put back in d3.
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Not another one of these topics again. The American consumer has way too much say on anything. A sense of entitlement does not come with purchase.

If you don't like it then stop playing.
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Not another one of these topics again. The American consumer has way too much say on anything. A sense of entitlement does not come with purchase.

If you don't like it then stop playing.


Another post that I would have worded differently. Your much 'nicer' post is probably better though.

Good guess ;) lol
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Because this isn't Diablo.. although a lot of that has to do with the maturing of the internet.

The beauty of Dieorblow 2 was the emergent chaos of it all, really.

Now everything's all pasteurized, irradiated pre-chewed mush.

I'd rather eat raw grizzle than as*s-PAR-tamehh.
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I would think the biggest issue is the flat out terrible PR. Most recent example of this are the issues that have been plaguing the AH for about a month now. The first Blizzard recognition of this was on Tuesday when Lylirra posted:

We're currently investigating issues with the gold and real-money auction house that are affecting transaction processing, load times, and general usability. To help address these issues, we will be performing auction house maintenance tomorrow, February 7, beginning at 10:00 a.m. PST. We anticipate this maintenance will last for approximately 2 hours, concluding around 12:00 p.m. PST.

Maintanence came and went and no futher updates. AH is still slow like molasses and people are continually posting about delayed transactions (gold/real money being removed from their accounts and the purchased item/gold not being available to them).

This is a company with a $4.5 billion revenue in 2011 and they can't hire someone to keep their community updated on a regular basis?
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I left because playing to find items is pointless, felt more like garbage collecting. The game had alot of potential thats why I still hung on for awhile hoping it would get better but there is just too much wrong with it. Fighting mechanics feel solid but the items and everything around it is a complete fail, filling ur bags with piles of useless items is not fun. Too much focus on the AH and RMAH and thus it affecting drops/crafting etc. No real depth in ur char cause lvl60 max and no stats u can sort urself etc etc. D3 fighting mechanics+PoE item/talents/etc would have been nice.

I expected more from Diablo3. The game is a success I guess from them making alot of money on it but from a gamer point of view its just very dissapointing. Will not buy a Diablo 4 or any other blizzard/activision games in the future.
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diablo II stayed fun for years...sure alot of people quit for a while but always came back after a short break but the game stayed fun ' and still is ' because of 1 thing......game LOBBIES! how do you expect people to meet and join games for specific reasons ' dueling , Mf'ing , Mule'ing ' and D3 just doesnt have anyway for people to do this. limiting it to a friends list and people meeting from Jsp \ Public games that no one wants to play is just dumb. the D3 lobby feels like a playstation CoD lobby only worse. i would say 80% of the people quitting is from pure boredom and 1 way to fix that is make room lobbies that people can name for spicific custom games ' and meet new people ' like D2. hate to compare but im pretty sure everyone here can agree on this.
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I left for length of about 6-7 months (before 1.0.5) because I enjoy playing more than one game at a time. The summer was a pretty barren time game wise, so Diablo III had an advantage. That said, I left when Borderlands 2 (BL2) came out, and actually before it to replay BL1 to get ready for BL2. These days I'm playing multiple games with some Diablo action too. That's not a strike on D3.

Granted, every game gets boring when played indefinitely; thus, I don't know why there's the expectation that with other great games abound there's an expectation for people to play Diablo III indefinitely for the rest of their lives. This game is not an MMO like WoW, so the expectations of play-time are completely distinct.
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