Diablo® III

Reasons why people are leaving?

i left because 3 things :

1. garbage loot.

2. farm only 1 act ( act 3 ) i want to farm all the acts ,need more mobs,elite ,etc.

3. no enchanting system on armor or wapon,only that garbage sokets whit that stones.

i hope bliz will do something whit this game,its to easy, its for children,the game must by more complex..now its like a console game.
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Things I Like: Very fluid and fun combat. Great atmosphere. Very good art style, allthough it could be more grim and "mature".

Things I dislike:

- It lacks an item system that requires the player to think about what he is equipping. It's just too dumbed down. This leads to some more problems, for example the feeling you never find anything good, because every good item mostly requires the same stats.

- Nephalem buff. I really don't like that idea of having to get 5 buffs before you actually can start farming. If anything, it limits how players can play the game and also makes short farming sessions (for example if you only have 15 minutes time - before work or school) quite senseless.

- No real builds. The skill system in Diablo 3 is really dumbed down. At first I had no problem with it, because it makes the game very accessable and easy to understand, but the more time you spend with the game and its mechanics the more you miss some sort of theorycrafting like in Diablo 2 and the desire to try out something new.

- No ladder-system. I really cannot understand the decision not to implement a ladder system. Path of Exile is showing how this can still work, for example weekly ladder tournaments and so on. It's just fun, motivating and supports competition.

- The fact that you have to select an entry point in the story. Every boss before that entry point is not there, it just annoys me. Progress in the game is more story based, which in general is a pretty good idea. But the rewards from quests are so useless, you will want to avoid them.

- Crafting without a complex item system doesn't make much sense. Implementing Bind on Account Items will not solve this, if anything, it will make crafting feel even more unrewarding after some time. It's a good idea on a short term, but in a long term it will generate more problems than it solves.
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1) Most people don't generally play most games forever
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Are people even leaving? Apparently this game has been a "ghost town" since August, and yet I still see tons of people playing and the forums are as lively as ever.
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Why do people want everything handed to them in a silver platter? I know that rolls are bad more often than not, but if everything would roll good then what's the point? I, for one, wouldn't want everyone to wear the same items like everyone else. I like the challenge, or, I like the fact that I can hope for a better roll that would make my character better than it was before. It's like walking down the street and everyone else is wearing the same !@#$ like you. There is no distinction. I've played a lot of MMO's and good loot usually is very hard to get. So why should D3 be any different since it's a semi-MMO?

If others can gear their characters with good items then why can't you? Either use the RMAH/AH or farm the %^-* out of this game.

Farming the same maps over and over again? Why, isn't it the same in other MMO's or semi-MMO's?

Also, stop comparing this to D2. It may have the same gist, but D3 is different regardless of the way you perceive it. This game will improve. Eventually. If not, then get angry for a bit then move on. It's not the end of the world. Besides, it's a $60 game. Not $6million.

Finally, you have choices. Stop whining if you can't hack it.
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People just leave and come back. D3 isn't a game that needs to maintain a certain number of players.
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I enjoy Diablo 3 as well as other ARPG´s and like every game Diablo 3 has strengths and weaknesses.

Gameplay like Witch Doctor Vail of Spiders.
Collision detection when hitting mob, the combat is so godamn good!
Environment, love the graphic art style in act 1.
Armor Sets, the different graphic designs of the different armor looks throughout your play-troughs.

Itemization, leaving behind the system there where in Diablo 2 really shortened Diablo 3s Lifespan despite it´s great gameplay, my own opinion!
Bland, generic, soulless story and story telling, the sacrifice made on story telling in order to keep the pace in the game really makes it bland and uninteresting, my pardons that I offend anyone's work with saying this, thats my experience.

I realize Blizzard is targeting a broad market, not just the Diablo veterans and approachability is key. With that in mind it sure stings as how some of the features where taken away like the old Itemization and character progression for the sake of approachability.
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Why are people coming back after a break and still playing?

I wont be playing as much when Crysis 3 hits, built my rig for games like that. But will still play D3.
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You really think there's anyone left working on this game? Look at how long they are taking to fix the AH? How long is this patch taking to implement? I think they have moved the majority of staff on to other projects realizing that without a complete overhaul which would be very expensive, this is about the best they can do.......
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this is d3 not a mmo people leave and come as they please.
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Blizzard was smart and took away the ability for players to allocate their own stat points, saying they'd only allocate into vit and mainstat.

Then in D3 they allow class specific items to roll with non-main stats. STUPID DEVELOPMENT.
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