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Infernal Machine(s) & Hellfire Ring

So maybe I'm still a bit a of a newbie, I've only had D3 since Christmas, but I was finally able to gather 4 Infernal Machines. I completely wasted one on MP5 solo with zero chance of killing the ubers. I can reasonably farm acts I&II on mp6, and III&IV on mp5 if careful but I don't want the other three machines I have painstakingly collected to go to waste. So the question is: is there a "safe" MP that will at the very least guarantee one ingredient drops from the 3 remaining machines? Can I open all 3 at once so I have every realm? And finally, anyone who can kick some uber @$$ who might be willing to give me a hand (and better odds)? Thanks guys & gals.

-Probably not the right thread but oh well.
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As you know, the drop rate of the organs is 10% per MP level. So MP5 gives a 50% chance and MP10 gives a 100% chance.

Unless you're running MP10, there's no GUARANTEE of getting organs.

There are 2 ways to do ubers efficiently.
1. Get someone to carry you. You provide the machines (and in some cases a fee), open the portals on MP10 and he does the heavy lifting. Guaranteed ring.

2. Find a group of similarly geared players, and run an appropriate MP level. Assuming there are 3 of you, and each pays 1 machine on say MP5. That means you have a 50% chance of getting a organs from 3 portals, at the cost of 1 machine. Over time this works out to 1.5organs/machine. (which is better than the 1organ/machine, you'd get by being carried).
If you can move a few MP levels, the equation moves more in your favour.

Lastly, if you need a hand, I'd be happy to help... Unfortunately I'm at work now, but ill be online in a few hours and then will be putting in a big session :D
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Add me if you want. Always looking for others to do ubers with. SpizyDryRub#1750
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I heard that the portal opens randomly once you clicked the infernal machine. Is it true?
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First off, go Buckeyes

Also, the three portals open at random and each portal must be cleared before another can be opened. So it's one at a time and random to which one open although each uber set drops the same organ each time.

I'll do some ubers with you tonight, i have some machines to use up and I'll give you so good tips to get you past mp5, you seem to be geared well enough.
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I just realized your all resist is pretty low, that may be what's keeping you back. Add anyway if you'd like, Rhaegar#1479
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