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Attributes increase

Why cant we have Attribute increases like in diablo 1...they cost 5000 credits per elixier bottle.
Even to add to weapons and armor.
This time make it 50 k per attribute .
What do you think?
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Players with 100 million+ gold will easily max out the 50k per stat and have plenty left over.

Blizzard doesn't like the idea of stat allocation because it adds "artificial complexity" into the game. This means that such a system is too hard for the casual gamer to wrap their head around.

Sadly, this is the way a number of games are heading - cater to the casual gamer hence it must be dumbed down.
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Pretty much what Hypersonic said, it's not just D3 it's almost all games out today, stats are too 'hard' for people to grasp and too unforgiving if someone makes a mistake.

Items are and shall be the only way to increase your stats, I really can't see blizz ever adding anything else.
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Yup ... exactly.

Unfortunantly that means with things like the AuctionHouse, that helm with the extra 5 dex/srt/vit/int suddenly becomes worth lots more to the ultra rich gamers, hence the ridiculous 100,000,000 price tags on some items.

Either way, stat increases or items only makes for some dissapointed gamers.

Personally, I like the idea of stat increases through potions. Then again, I would also like to be able to put rigs and amulets into sockets :)

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I don't get it so if something is challenging or a hard hurdle to over come just get rid of it what a joke
some games or meant to be guess this game was meant to be for age 3+
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Agreed with Hyper that adding elixirs in the current economy would almost be pointless - the uber-geared would now also have uber-stats and everyone else would probably only be able to tweak their stats.

But I don't think the game has been dumbed down because we no longer have a direct way to manipulate attributes. Yes, being dependent on gear means being dependent on AH (for the most part) and that has its own problems. In the end, though, your skill with builds matters too. For example, the guys involved in the 1m Barb Azmo MP10 challenge (i.e. gear your Barb for 1m or under and be able to kill Azmo on MP10). In these examples, skill as a player allowed them to play above what their stats would suggest. So, the irony is that focusing on stats alone can lead to a dumbing down - after all, any monkey with the right stats can point and click to win. Basically, I think D3 still requires a lot of skill in the end and, IMO, I think there's endless room for improvement here.

Having said this, I kinda agree with Ess in that we should be able to do more with gear. Lots of ppl want more legs/sets, but I think I'd prefer to see new features added to how gear works. Rings and ammies in sockets? Not sure about that, but it's that kinda thinking I'm interested in and hoping to see in the future.
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"Dumbing down" and ""artificial complexity"...who are you people?
The game is for 17 plus /18 plus not young children.
Statics like 45 str/50 dex/but has crit damage of 79 percent etc.
You can increase it to make it a nice stat with increased attributes.
So it suits you: if you make a mistake big deal..
Its not a game that finishes; 1 st to reach paragon level 100.
Auction house has defented the true purpose of the game, but the near bankrupt group that made diablo 1/2 are not going down that track again, so profit has to come first.
Saying that .who buys 200 million gold items???????? at real money .33 cent per million.
Let that person buy and lose and re sell and in the end loses gold.
Is that dumbing down?
Most of the cashed up guys are asians not you guys, so your story isnt true in part.
An australian isnt going to spend 200 dollars on a high end item, the game cost 80 bucks, get real.
If you say yes I would , you are being negative and naive.
Bring back the attribute increase.
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his is quite amusing ..

Here we are arguing and if we look independantly at each post I think you'll find some really stong valid arguments that could and possibly should indicate sometype of change ...

I personally really like the idea of attribute increases, or at least the possibility of fixing items that are generally crap... Perhaps my initial suggestion of adding rings and amulets into sockets was a bit on the wild side (yes, I'll just socket 8 hellfire rings into my equipment ... rings into rings :) ).

But ... as a completly wild idea ... take a ring or amulet, socket it into an item and the item gains a randon selection of the ring or amulets stats AND the socketed item loses the socket. In this way mediocre equipment could be come exceptional, and the Uber socketed wepon you find could suddenly become mediocre with a bad roll from an insert.

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