Diablo® III

Ptr Bracers

"Denial Sting" 220 Armor

271 Int
27 Vit
54 FR (Fire resist....)
74 AR
4.5% CC
1981 Health Globes

This crafting stuff is insane.......
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54 Fr?
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Thats what I'm thinking.

TheZuniBarb wont sell me his 6/9 + str/vit tripox though. Without a 9% IAS pox I can't switch out from lacuni.

Granted, I got several weeks prolly before I roll a bracer worth switching to, but 6cc + double int wont really be all that rare. The hard part will be getting a good AR roll on top of those two.
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"Tenacious Rangers" 220 Armor

91 Dex
45 Str
218 Int
46 FR
75 AR
24 GF
4% CC
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See http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo3Strategy/comments/17qxiu/crafting_107_crafting_probabilities/
for some numbers.

I can modify the code that generated these probabilities if you tell me what you're looking for.
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I think we need at least 60+ AR, 4+ CC, and Armor or high Str.

And after that as nice extra, Vit roll and/or one more Intel roll.
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in about some 20 crafts or so i got something in the lines of, not exact stats but aproximate):

300 vit (was rolling vit bracers for pvp)
4.5 cc
200 armour
65 ar
80 str
170 dex

shame no int, but they were sick for ehp or would have been really sick if i had a monk or dh. actually used them with vit gems in the bt coat to hit like 100k hp with some 94% damage reduction to elites in pvp... shame the dps hit was so big.
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Average Rolls to get 5.5+ crit, 69ar+, and (1 int affix or 2 vit affix) 2402

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The first ones I linked are 14kdps over my current bracers on Live....
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If that chart is to be believed than getting...

Int + ( Str, Dex, or Vit )
Crit Chance
All Resist

will occur every 139 crafts.

Then you have anywhere from 3 to 6cc possible, so 6cc would occur every 972 crafts

We want a high int roll so 65/100 or better int roll would be half again as rare, so every 1944 crafts

We want a high AR roll, so a 60 or better is 25% chance...

so 7778 crafts roughly in order to get something at least as good as...

225 Armour
47 strength
290 intelligence
60 All Resist
+2 Random Affixes

I think I can live with those odds.
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And thats end game. You'll get upgrades on the way too.

I cant see anyone using Lacunis unless you REALLY need the IAS. These are hands down BIS.
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8000 crafts is like what, 400-500 hours.

Hopefully by then I can find someone to sell me a 6/9 tripox and 9% IAS mempo.
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Average Rolls to get crit, ar+, and 1 int affix 113
Average Rolls to get 6 crit, 60ar+, and 1 int affix over 65 7155
Average Rolls to get 5.5+ crit, 60ar+, and (1 int affix or 2 vit affix) 1324
Average Rolls to get 5.5+ crit, 69ar+, and (1 int affix or 2 vit affix) 2407
Average Rolls to get 6 crit, 69ar+, and (1 int affix or 2 vit affix) 4813
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02/08/2013 04:31 AMPosted by Aphraell
I cant see anyone using Lacunis unless you REALLY need the IAS. These are hands down BIS.

If I got rare bracers then I'd be forced to go Inna's pants, and that's a huge ehp dump, and I won't go Tal's chest because I have so much ehp on my chest aswell, and I'm not parting with my 6ias, 4.5cc, 27-54 avg. dmg. Zuni pox.

Generally I feel crafting is throwing a lot of gold out the window.. I can live with the gem, that's about 100ish mil, not too bad, but crafting for hundreds of mil into BoA stuff you can't ever re-sell and cashout, that's just too much.
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I can live with 12% movespeed, so don't have to run inna's pants.

What you do have to do is have perfect IAS everywhere though. 1.65 wand, and 9% on everything. 9% IAS tripox is obviously a tall order.

You also wont have 2.73 breakpoint without enchantress, so you'd need a decent alternate build for multiplayer.
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I have been using Teleport lately so I can live with 12 MS again. Walking with it is a pain.

Also what's the chance for Shoulders to be better than VW? Assuming 290 Int 70 AR 240 Armor Shoulders with smth like Vit/life % and/or Str/Dex. I don't think there is a high chance though lol
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Heres 1 of the shoulders I rolled out of 5 tries.

"Conquest Bruiser" 353 Armor

304 Int
58 PoisnonResist
77 AR
1837 Thorns
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I think you were very lucky lol
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They really need to make those Bracers able to roll IAS, THEN they would be possible best in slot.
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