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Hi all. Currently have 380m to upgrade.which gear should i upgrade?
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Hmmm nice Hellfire ring for a youngster...

I'd suggest dump your rare ring, and get a Cold Soj. (doesn't even have to be a barb one).

and then make up the IAS loss, via adding ias to your amulet. Your Paper DPS number will go down slightly, but your actual DPS and killing speed will go up a Crap load, as the Goblins will testify.

That's the simplest and most explosive upgrade anyone can make... Honest...
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looks good to me
save another 100m you can get a crit mempo
or you can buy a lacuni with crit. mine was 300 some mil
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IC's with VIT no MS, Inna's, and Lacuni CC would be my first move, you don't have any resist on your pants now and with the additional Vit on your new IC's will increase your EHP and the AS from the inna's will a nice boost in TDPS.
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i got 1 Cold soj with 27% elite
thanks for info anyway.

ok thanks.
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ok just bought inna pants and ic with vit.
what should i upgrade now? left 100m :(
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I had to double check your profile because I couldn't believe Cloud would need advice. Turns out there are several Clouds. You have a lot to do to live up to the Cloud we all know.
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looks good crit prowlers next or trifecta gloves.
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Very similar gear up.

Ages since i played D3.

Your Gloves are fine and Pretty Badass, you wont be able to get a new glove for 100m.

The problem with you is that your Amulet and Ring really do injustice to the gear you have. You need more damage modifiers.

Your current worst item is your shoulders :P.
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did you spend 280m on the IC/inna combo?
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02/11/2013 08:11 AMPosted by PhatPhoEater
did you spend 280m on the IC/inna combo?


lmao Phat...I was thinking the same thing...
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02/11/2013 08:11 AMPosted by PhatPhoEater
did you spend 280m on the IC/inna combo?

yea.u think i over paid for those 2?
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