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QQers please read..

I often check into the diablo site to check for updates and see what's coming up in the near future. I often laugh and am a little amazed at how often and how many of ppl feel the need to express how upset they are with the devs/blizzard about how they feel about the game. Now of course I love my country and love that we have the previlage of freedom of speech..but I find it a little redundant of how many of u QQ babies feel the need to post and post and post about the same issues...I mean if you feel the need to take time out of ur life to publically whine about a game...try find someone elses post that pertains to ur same issue and post there..instead of making another post about the same thing thats already been said soooo many times..BUT I have a proposal for you QQers...

You all should get together and come up with the funds to create and publish a game, since yall seem to know exactly what it would take for blizzard to make a great game...Then the world will be able to see how great all you are..right!? I'm sure the game you guys make will be incredibly amazingly epic! (insert sarcasm of course) then after you're ever so successful game...you'll have to follow it with a sequeal and keep it goin of course...oh yeah I forgot...I'm sure 99.9% of you don't know anything about what it takes to do any of this... Well anyway good luck out there! Have fun on the exp! You may complain and whine, but we all know yall still play..
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You do know your only scratching the surface of one of the core problems on the forum & game.

Good post though. I would have worded it differently. Then probably have gotten banned since every time I think about the knuckle dragging F-!@#$%........ You can probably relate to where I'm going with this.
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Punctuation. It's a good thing.
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Last I learned, rich, successful gaming companies with proven track records didn't need me to tell them how to make a great ARPG.

The amount of basic, stupid, useless errors they made is astounding. I say this with the greatest respect possible.
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02/08/2013 03:59 AMPosted by Twisteddigit
Punctuation. It's a good thing.

It's also nonexistent in the OP's world.
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Just another QQception.

Hey, why don't you all check the freaking homepage for updates.
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