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02/08/2013 11:47 AMPosted by Lylirra
Rather than posting the answers this week (as originally scheduled), we'll now be posting them on Monday, February 11, around 10:00 a.m. PDT. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and hope you can forgive us for our recent zombie outbreak. :(

Atleast now there is a definite time.
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02/08/2013 12:43 PMPosted by WillC
This seems like a huge lie. All the devs are flu ridden? Do you all drink out of the same soda can? I mean for real this is a huge JOKE.

do you ever work in close quarter office with central air unit? and since flu is airborne virus, its possible that some of these developers contracted flu to each other. there is a recent flue outbreak here in LA. one of my friend almost died from it.

calling this a huge joke makes you sounds very childish
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All three of them?
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Between the flu outbreaks and the noro virus, the population is getting hit rather hard. Perhaps it would be a good idea to develop a Cleric for the game, and for the development group. At the least, an anti zombie vaccine. :) Sending good wishes and a bit of sage smoke for healing and health.
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When I had the flu I worked from home. I work for a media company with a fraction of the users that Blizzard has for its products, but I have a responsibility to see that our audience gets what they expect and more to promote the success of my company. Sure, you can say this is just a dev chat, but I think this is a good indicator of the lackadaisical attitude at Blizzard these days.
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Whoa, talk about patronizing the entire community. There is absolutely no way the flu is the reason for no answers. I'll never buy it. I play the game because I enjoy it. I dig the forum because it's my slow season at work. In two weeks I'll be too busy to hang, but make sure you give 'em hell for that lame !@# post.
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Due to many of our developers becoming flu-ridden zombies and needing to be quarantined so they could recover, we've had to postpone publishing the answers to your questions for the first round of Ask the Devs. :(

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Haha even i would have come up with a better excuse, wheres the blizzard we loved?
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02/08/2013 12:02 PMPosted by Seluhir
Just because you have no work ethic doesn't mean they don't, in fact... you not having any work ethic might be a part of why you don't work for a company like Blizz, just sayin' ;)

Stop making a fool out of yourself.

Blizzard has dropped the ball on many things and this is no different. Sick or not they have a job to do and a simple reply to peoples questions can be done at home.
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must be that 10-year flu going around
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Blizzard = Electronic Arts.

PR beats everything.

Enough said.
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blizzard making us wait. are you really surprised?
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02/08/2013 12:02 PMPosted by DoomBringer
Look out, the wounded are turning!


nice one :D

but yeah flu is not cool! hope you devs get bettah
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this company needs an enema! fire them all and start over
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I'm not surprised by this thread's existence. Some of the highly rated questions are quite tricky to answer. Not only that, but with what happened in the past, I bet that anything a Blizzard employee wants to post, has to first be reviewed by the higher-ups. This takes time.
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They will be answering soon...


now, where did I hear this word?

ooooooohhhhhh, yes, right, jay wilson's PvP arena that took 6 months to show up....

oooooohhhhhhhhhh, yes, right, it never did show up.

I totaly understand. Soon. Never. Bah, who cares about semantics right?

Go ahead, make more godly-and-impossible-to-find items so some botter can find it, sell for U$200 and you can get your 15% + lulz from it.
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